Glenn Huraño | Ict Coordinator, Edtech Advocate
San Jose National High School

Glenn Huraño, Ict Coordinator, Edtech Advocate, San Jose National High School

EdTech Advocate, IT -Trainer/Consultant, and Facilitator 
Founder - Project Connect Bohol 

Microsoft Education Ambassador - Philippines
MIcrosoft Innovative Educator Trainer/Master Trainer
Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert
MIcrosoft Innovative Educator Fellow

A Certified NCIII holder for 2D Animation NCIII
A Certified NCIII holder for Visual Graphics Design NCIII
A Certified National TVE Trainer Level I
A holder of Trainers Methodology Level I


EduTECH Philippines 2020 - Conference Day 2 @ 17:00

Integrating Technology in the Classroom Using VR

last published: 16/Jan/20 07:15 GMT

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