Filipinas MULTI-LINE Corp.


Filipinas Multi-Line Corp. (FMC) was founded in 1986 and by 1997 created the following subsidiaries:

Multi-Line Structures Corporation for architectural products such as roofs, aluminum wall cladding & ceiling, racks and desks, school furniture.

Multi-Line Building Systems, Inc. for Seismic recorders CCTV, Background Music/Public Address, fire alarms, conference system.

EverFirst Loans Corporation for micro-financing and lending specifically to SSS and GSIS pensioners.

Our customers: Property developments, schools, learning centers, hospitals, hotels, malls, to name a few.

In Multi-Line, the reason for doing business is not profit. It is dedicated, expert and honest service to customers. We believe that our competitive advantage in the market place rests not just on our products, pricing, and technology, but on our corporate cultureā€¦ in serving our customers better, faster and at less cost.




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