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Here's a sneak peek of what some of our featured sponsors and exhibitors will be showcasing at their booth


Globe Telecom at EduTECH Philippines 2019 C02 Globe Telecom is a leading company in the highly competitive Philippine telecommunications industry. Beyond business, Globe is committed to sustainability, helping Philippine schools achieve digital transformation and helping empower Filipinos with world-class learning through technology. Globe is determined to help Filipinos build a better life and fulfill their dreams by providing learning opportunities to all.
At the upcoming Edu Tech Philippines 2019 forum to be held on February 20 – 21 at the SMX Convention Center MOA, Pasay, Globe will be presenting its line-up of digital solutions that will allow educational institutions to be future-ready and prepare teachers & students for digital transformation.
Canvas at EduTECH Philippines 2019 C11 Canvas is showcasing at the EduTech Philippines to engage with our ever-growing customer base and enthusiastic users. Come and visit our booth to experience the open, intuitive, and cloud-native Canvas LMS, which makes teaching and learning easier for everyone. Have a face-to-face conversation with our staff, watch a live demo and ask many questions, grab a swag and enter the lucky draw to win a fun prize, or take a Free for Teacher card and start the transformation experience immediately!
Panopto at EduTECH Philippines 2019 G17 Since 2007, Panopto has been a pioneer in video content management systems, lecture capture, and inside-video search technology. Today, Panopto’s cloud-based video platform for education is the largest in the world, with more than 2 million lectures, flipped classroom videos, recorded student presentations, and campus event videos. Visit us for a demo of our cloud-based video platform. You could get a chance to win a DRONE!
AdmitAll at EduTECH Philippines 2019 G08 AdmitAll is the digital platform providing the BEST DEALS IN EDUCATION and discounts on tuition fees from Filipino, Australian, European, and American Universities & Colleges making higher education more accessible worldwide. A revolutionary business model makes our association with universities and educational providers a cashless partnership in a double-win between Partner Schools and STUDENTS. AdmitAll in alliance with Union Bank is also the exclusive provider of the SmartID. Come to our booth to know more about us and what we offer to Students and Partner Schools.
Competitive Card Solutions at EduTECH Philippines 2019 J08 Competitive Card Solutions Phils. Inc. (CCS) is an auto identification company providing expansive products selections. Our products and services are used for Physical and Logical Access, Time and Attendance monitoring, Video Surveillance, Card Solutions and Photo ID Printing, Document authentication, Inventory management, Point of Sale, Loyalty and Membership Program, and related applications. Visit us to find out more about our ID Card solutions
Creotec Philippines at EduTECH Philippines 2019 J11 CREOTEC Philippines provides curriculum, robotics kits, and teacher training to basic education and tertiary schools. Enhancing Math Skills from Kindergarten to Grade 6 incorporates practical math with financial literacy and robotics to provide a strong foundation on mathematics as applied in a simulated economy and in technology. CREOBOTICS is a new e-learning experience anchored to an independent robotics curriculum designed to teach students with competency-based education on basic electronics, robotics, and programming. Visit us to find out more.
Curriculum Associates at EduTECH Philippines 2019 C15 i-Ready is an award-winning digital system for assessment and instruction in Mathematics and English Language Arts that has been proven to improve student performance. The i-Ready Diagnostic is an adaptive K-12 assessment tool designed to provide teachers with actionable insight into student needs, and offers a complete picture of students’ cognitive growth and development, while i-Ready Instruction is an engaging digital learning and practice system for Grades K–8 that is personalized to meet the need of every learner.
Edukasyon.ph  at EduTECH Philippines 2019 J14 The Edukasyon Group is the #1 College and Senior High School Search Platform in the Philippines! We seek to empower students everyday by being the go-to website for all important information regarding education to careers as they discover the right track or course; choose the right career; and apply online to their dream school. Visit our booth now to get to know us and even bring home an exciting reward or a souvenir! See you there!
Eridanus Marketing Corporation at EduTECH Philippines 2019 H11 Eridanus Marketing Corporation (EMC) would showcase the future of classroom technology ranging from Interactive Laboratories for STEM, Augmented Reality-Infused Smart Charts, Top-of-the-line Robotics Kits for Elementary to College, and many more! Stay tuned as the products are designed to transform learning into a more holistic approach for the new generation of Filipinos. Visit us for live demos on the Interactive Laboratories, Smart Charts, Robotics and more.
Furnware at EduTECH Philippines 2019 A15
At EduTECH Philippines we will be showcasing our latest Switch Table System and the popular Teachers Hub. Everyone should experience the Furnware Bodyfurn Chair, an ergonomic student chair that encourages movement for learning.
Come visit us and we can show you our Furnware 3D Learning Spaces App. You can see what inspiration looks like in your very own learning space.
Kdan Mobile Software at EduTECH Philippines 2019 J07
Looking for the best creative solutions for teaching and learning? Kdan's got it. Come by our booth to learn how your class can be interactive with our interactive materials. Experience Hand-drawn animation, multimedia note-taking, video editing, and more! Kdan is ready to face-to-face demo our various creative tools in classroom settings to enhance the interaction between teachers and students.Free trial is available. Ask our staff for more details. Don't forget to leave your business card to get a free gift!
Learning A-Z  at EduTECH Philippines 2019 C13
Raz-Plus is an award-winning blended approach to reading instruction, practice, and assessment to help improve the literacy skills of every student at every level, with an extensive library of books and other learning resources available in printable, projectable, online, and mobile formats. Science A-Z is an award-winning K-6 learning solution that integrates Science and literacy into one captivating curriculum with a wealth of multilevel resources in various formats that teach students key Science concepts and provide hands-on learning experiences.
Nuadu at EduTECH Philippines 2019 A14
The team at Nuadu will be showing you how you can save up to 1 working day of your teachers’ time per WEEK; pinpoint which subject, topic, subtopic and learning objective your child is weak in; create customised assignments for your students in just 2minutes; get pre-loaded questions mapped to the national curriculum and more! Visit us for a live demo of our portal and stand a chance to win free some training, consultation and access to Nuadu subscription.
Quipper C19 We will be featuring our e-learning solutions, Quipper Video and Quipper School Premium. Drop by and try our free digital readiness assessment to help you take the first step toward a successful tech integration program and get a free consultation with our edtech experts to see how a learning management system and digital content can enhance the teaching and learning experience in your school.
REX Book Store J10 REX Book Store, one of the leading learning solutions provider in the Philippines will be showcasing how educators can implement Whole Child Education in the 21st Century with our latest digital and experiential learning offerings and how these are all integrated with our Symphony of Learning Solutions. With our goal of aiding to nation-building through leading learning, these solutions engage and enable our partners in education to nurture whole and joyful learners with the desire to contribute to the society.
Schoolista at EduTECH Philippines 2019 E21 The mission of Schoolista.com is to deliver the best in automation for school management and learning management to every school. Visit us to find out more about Schoolista.com modules such as Online Enrollment with Automated Academic Advising, SchoolERP Real-time GL/Financials, Sweldista HR/Payroll, Hi'n'Bye Gate and Classroom Timekeeping, LMS - Learning Management and more. Exciting giveaways to be won.
Spicus at EduTECH Philippines 2019 E17 Visit our booth and explore all the possibilities that the current e-learning industry can offer with one of the most innovative e-learning companies in Korea! We will be showcasing WebRTC live class, Global LMS with its own mobile app, and a mobile learning tool which is equipped with a conversational AI. We are very excited to meet adventure-driven minds like us and make new partners for the future education. See you there!
Verbatoria at EduTECH Philippines 2019 A16 Verbatoria evaluates inborn abilities to math, music, creativity, languages, and sport by measuring brain activities and have 50+ franchisees in 7 countries. Be the first in Asia to experience Verbatoria at our booth! You can see your real time brain patterns captured by neuro sensor and receive a comprehensive report with talent scores, strong and weak areas of your personal Talent Quotient. The whole test takes up to 30 min. Pre-registration is required!
Vibal at EduTECH Philippines 2019 H07 We will be showcasing a wide array of technology solutions that we offer to our partner schools in order to help them prepare their students for the challenges of the future. From a revolutionary learning management system to HR management system, you will witness a variety of edtech solutions at our booth. Plus, discover our newest supplementary learning tool, LearnLive AR, a mobile app that enhances the user's learning experience by integrating the technology of augmented reality into our textbooks.
Visibly One Industry LTD  at EduTECH Philippines 2019 A12 Visibly One Industry LTD will showcase the Visible Internet application during the EduTech Asia Event. Our innovative solution is exhibited to help schools and educators achieve better student learning outcomes. Visible Internet alerts teachers when students' online activities have become non-conducive to their education. We are the future of technology and we are set to make a difference in education and family digital landscape. Come & visit our booth for lots of exciting games and giveaways









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