#TeachTechTalks Agenda

Day 1: Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Le Méridien Conference Centre, Dubai



10:00 Name: Annie Barrows
  Job title: Technology Integrator
  School: Clarion School
  Topic Title: How to begin teaching coding in the Early Years
10:15 Name: Ian McNaught
  Job title: Head of Library & Computing Services
  School: Majan University College (Muscat, Oman)
  Topic Title: Blockchain in education, hype or revolution?
10:3 Name: Anjali Rajan
  Job title: English Language Teacher
  University: Applied Technology High School, Ras Al Khaimah
  Topic Title: Technology & authentic learning experiences
10:45 Name: Martha McCleary
  Job title: Head of Digital Literacy
  School: Foremarke School
  Topic Title: iPads in the Second Language Classroom
11:00 Name: Hitesh Bhagat
  Job title: Group Head of Technology
  School: Innoventures
  Topic Title: DIAtech
11:30 Reserved for Classroom Monitor
12:00 Name: Bea Arbelaez
  Job title: Elementary School TIF
  School: GWA – Dubai
  Topic Title: From ICT to EdTech: the good, the bad and the ugly
12:15 Name: Asem Anwar Moussa
  Job title: Professor
  University: Alazhar School of Medicine
  Topic Title: The impact of using high tech teaching models for undergraduate students on their examination performance
12:30 Name: Simon Kuznetsov
  Job title: Design Teacher & Grade 7 Leader
  School or university: GEMS World Academy Dubai
  Topic Title: The Reports Machine – What if our reports simply wrote themselves?
12:45 Name: Graham Howell
  Job title: Assistant Headteacher
  School: Nord Anglia School Dubai
  Topic Title: PowerBi for School Leaders and Classroom Teachers
13:00 Reserved for Cengage
13:30 Reserved for TextHelp
14:00 Name: Dr. Maher Bahloul
  Position: Associate Professor of English and Linguistics
  Institution: American University of Sharjah
  Topic Title: Transforming Education Through The Arts Kind
14 :15 Name: Nohir Saleh
  Job title: business Development director
  School or university: Sharabassy built environment studio educational institute
  Topic Title: Innovation literacy and the future of education
14:30 Name: Dr. Walid Al-Zyoud
  Job title: Assistant Professor
  University: German Jordanian University
  Topic Title:  Using E-learning to teach anatomy & physiology for university students
14:45 Reserved for The Institution of Engineering and Technology
15:00 Reserved for Horouf