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A multi-brand exhibition hosting over 200 of the world's leading education technology players showcasing cutting-edge EdTech solutions and featuring the most innovative start-ups across the region.



Networking is at the intersection of all that we do: the Showcase, the Learning, the Fun. Exchange ideas, build brand, form partnerships, grow your professional network, explore the future and uncover new opportunities before, during and after the event.













Announcing our incredible keynote lineup



Our 2023 Speaker Line-up


  • Rachel Beyer at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Rachel Beyer
    Teacher Academy Director EU and Director of Studies Primary EU & UK
    OneSchool Global
    Emma Carralon at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Emma Carralon
    Head of e-learning
    The British School of Paris
  • Konstantinos Doukas at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Konstantinos Doukas
    President & CEO
    Doukas School
    Jocelyn Gamble at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Jocelyn Gamble
    Educational Technology Specialist (Whole School Management)
    Leipzig International School
  • Carlos Garriga at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Carlos Garriga
    IE University
    Alain Goudey at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Alain Goudey
    Associate Dean for Digital
    NEOMA Business School
  • Ulla Hemminki-Reijonen at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Ulla Hemminki-Reijonen
    Project Lead, Global Campus
    University of Helsinki
    Thomas Ekman Jørgensen at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Thomas Ekman Jørgensen
    Director of Policy Coordination and Foresight
    European University Association
  • Matt Manfredi at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Matt Manfredi
    Head of School and Director
    Sandnes International School
    Ianis G. Matsoukas at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Ianis G. Matsoukas
    Executive Director, Global University Hub
    Metropolitan College of Greece
  • Matt Phillips at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Matt Phillips
    Global Director of Education
    OneSchool Global
    Madhumalti Sharma at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Madhumalti Sharma
    Executive Board Member
    EASE- European Association of STEAM Educators
  • Joana Simas at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Joana Simas
    Head of EdTech
    Inspired, Portugal
    Jonathan Upton at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Jonathan Upton
    Head of Whole school IT
    Haut Lac Bilingual International School
  • Alper Utku at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Alper Utku
    Amsterdam Tech
    Santiago Miguel Ordejón Zuckermaier at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Santiago Miguel Ordejón Zuckermaier
    Innovations Team Coordinator
    LAUDE Newton College
  • Alejandro Ameneiro at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Alejandro Ameneiro
    Director of Innovation
    IE University
    Anton Béguin at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Anton Béguin
    Chief Education Officer
    International Baccalaureate Organisation
  • Miles Berry at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Miles Berry
    Professor of Computing Education, School of Education
    Roehampton University
    Nicole Bordelais at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Nicole Bordelais
    Deputy Head
    Internationale Deutsche Schule Brussels
  • Mauro Bordignon at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Mauro Bordignon
    Head of Academics
    H-Farm International School, Treviso
    Manuel Dolderer at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Manuel Dolderer
    CODE University of Applied Sciences
  • Kanika Gupta at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Kanika Gupta
    Chief Academic Officer
    Rushford Business School
    Nuala Harding at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Nuala Harding
    Head of the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation and Development (CPID)
    Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest
  • Doris Kuzel at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Doris Kuzel
    Head of regional office
    Nationa Education Institute Slovenia
    Anne-Kathrin Lange at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Anne-Kathrin Lange
    Advisor to the Vice President Digitization and Co-Lead eLearning Competence Center
    Hochschule Osnabrück
  • Kearon McNicol at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Kearon McNicol
    Director of EdTech Development
    College Alpin Beau Soleil
    Darren Neethling at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Darren Neethling
    Head of IT
    Copenhagen International School
  • Pegor Papazian at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Pegor Papazian
    TUMO Center for Creative Technologies
    Radha Pillay at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Radha Pillay
    Director of Education
    UWC International
  • Julien Rovira at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Julien Rovira
    Head of IT
    International School of Lausanne
    Pedro Saraiva at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Pedro Saraiva
    NOVA University of Lisbon
  • Willem van Valkenburg at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Willem van Valkenburg
    Executive Director Extension School
    Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
    Aleksander Verhovsek at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Aleksander Verhovsek
    III. Osnovna Šola Celje
  • Helena Maria Baptista Alves at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Helena Maria Baptista Alves
    Vice Rector - Teaching, Academic Affairs and Employability
    University of Beira Interior
    Diane Barghouthy at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Diane Barghouthy
    IT Subject Leader
    International School Haarlem
  • Jonathan Butcher at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Jonathan Butcher
    Data Manager & SS Digital Lear
    British School of Milan
    Tawhid Chtioui at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Tawhid Chtioui
    aivancity Paris-Cachan, the Grande Ecole of AI & Data
  • Uta Hauck-Thum at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Uta Hauck-Thum
    Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
    Jörg Heinrichs at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Jörg Heinrichs
    Headmaster Secondary Education
    Internationale Deutsche Schule Brussels
  • Gary Henderson at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Gary Henderson
    Director of iT
    Millfield School
    Une Kaunaite at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Une Kaunaite
    EDU Vilnius
  • Timothy Kelley at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Timothy Kelley
    School Director
    International School Stuttgart, Degerloch Campus
    Maryse Knook at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Maryse Knook
    Open School Community Bijlmer
  • Larry Love at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Larry Love
    Director Education Technology
    American School of Paris
    Alissar Nasr at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Alissar Nasr
    Chief Academic Officer
    Al Mawakeb Schools Dubai
  • Kai Nordlund at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Kai Nordlund
    Vice-Rector, Academic Affairs, Bilingual Activities and Digitalisation
    University of Helsinki
    Botond Pakucs at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Botond Pakucs
    Head of ICT & Statistics
    Schola Europaea
  • Micha Pallesche at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Micha Pallesche
    Ernst Reuter School
    Gregor Pečan at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Gregor Pečan
    Association of Headteachers and Deputy Headteachers of Slovenia
  • Vasanti Ramdeen at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Vasanti Ramdeen
    Senior Leader Digital Learning
    British Council School
    Andrea Zanella at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Andrea Zanella
    Vice Rector of Information Technologies and ICT Communication
    University of Padova
  • Ruth Sanderson at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Ruth Sanderson
    The British School of Amsterdam
    Fraser Carson at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Fraser Carson
    Head of the Examination Board
    LUNEX university
  • Jose Luis Fernandez at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Jose Luis Fernandez
    Head of Experimentation Projects
    Ministry of Education and VET
    Dina Foster at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Dina Foster
    Head of Educator AI Training
    Educate Ventures Research
  • Gemma Gwilliam at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Gemma Gwilliam
    Head of Digital Learning
    Portsmouth: the Digital City Project
    Amy Hollier at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Amy Hollier
    Director of Blended and Online Learning
    Heart Of Worcestershire College
  • Oliver Janoschka at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Oliver Janoschka
    Managing Director
    Hochschulforum Digitalisierung
    Iro Koliakou at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Iro Koliakou
    STEM Coordinator
    Anatolia College
  • Daniel Kritikos at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Daniel Kritikos
    Chief Technology Officer
    Obersee Bilingual School
    Mirko Labbri at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Mirko Labbri
    Teacher Trainer, Digital Innovator, STEAM Teacher
    Istituto Comprensivo di San Fior (TV)
  • Justyna Orlowska at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Justyna Orlowska
    Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister for GovTech - Head of the GovTech Centre
    The Chancellery of the Prime Minister
    Joao Silveira at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Joao Silveira
    Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship | Senior Learning Specialist
    IFP School | Axens Academy
  • Marcus Specht at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Marcus Specht
    Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Education and Learning (CEL)
    Sunita Swaraj at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Sunita Swaraj
    The Heritage School Vasant Kunj New Delhi India
  • Gaurava Yadav at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Gaurava Yadav
    Founder & Moderator
    Indian Principals' Network
    Jacquelene Da Silva at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Jacquelene Da Silva
    Founding Principal
    Amstelland International School
  • Sinéad Mc Brearty at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Sinéad Mc Brearty
    Education Support
    Lidija Kralj at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Lidija Kralj
    Expert for AI & data
  • Rob Alvarez Bucholska at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Rob Alvarez Bucholska
    Founder and Host
    Professor Game
    Andreas Antonopoulos at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Andreas Antonopoulos
    University of New York in Prague
  • Lucy Avraamidou at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Lucy Avraamidou
    Director of the Centre for Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Science and Engineering
    University of Groningen
    Alastair Blyth at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Alastair Blyth
    Assistant Head, School of Architecture and Cities
    University of Westminster
  • Gerdinand Bosch at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Gerdinand Bosch
    Beatrix Busse at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Beatrix Busse
    Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies and Chief Development Officer of EUniWell
    University of Cologne
  • Cathy Cheo-Isaacs at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Cathy Cheo-Isaacs
    Education Specialist
    Epic Games
    Emma Darcy at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Emma Darcy
    Director of Technology
    Chiltern Learning Trust
  • Isabela De Alcazar Benjumea at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Isabela De Alcazar Benjumea
    Global Head of Sustainability
    IE University
    Bernadette Dilger at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Bernadette Dilger
    Director, Institute of Business Education and Educational Management
    University of St. Gallen
  • Gian Luca Giovannucci at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Gian Luca Giovannucci
    Euca European University College Association
    Tom Hagiladi at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Tom Hagiladi
    Deputy Director
    Tel Aviv-Yafo Center for Teaching Staff Development
  • Anders Hyldig at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Anders Hyldig
    Head of Educational IT
    Aarhus University
    Al Kingsley at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Al Kingsley
    Multi Academy Trust Chair
    NetSupport Limited
  • Klaus Kreulich at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Klaus Kreulich
    Vice President Education
    Muchen University of Applied Sciences
    François Lecellier at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    François Lecellier
    Associate Professor
    Universite De Poitiers
  • Vikki Liogier at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Vikki Liogier
    National Head of EdTech and Digital Skills
    The Education and Training Foundation
    Senka Maćešić at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Senka Maćešić
    Vice-Rector for Digitalization and Development
    University of Rijeka
  • Manol Manolov at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Manol Manolov
    Foundation World Education Forum Bulgaria – WEF Bulgaria
    Lluís Alfons Ariño Martín at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Lluís Alfons Ariño Martín
    Digital Strategist
    Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • Ian Myatt at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Ian Myatt
    Director of Insight, Channels & Educational Enterprise
    University of Birmingham
    Hannes Paivansalo at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Hannes Paivansalo
    Head Of Information Technology Operations
    Aalto University
  • Louise Rowland at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Louise Rowland
    Deputy Chief Executive Officer
    Ufi VocTech Trust
    Mark Simpson at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Mark Simpson
    Pro-Vice Chancellor Teaching & Learning
    Teesside University
  • Eliza Stefanova at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Eliza Stefanova
    Vice-rector of Information Activities and Academic Staff
    Sofia University
    Marinke Sussenbach at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Marinke Sussenbach
    Manager Education and Student Affairs
    Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
  • Maaike van Buul at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Maaike van Buul
    Manager Business Development
    Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
    Matt Vickery at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Matt Vickery
    Executive Headteacher
    International Well Rounded School (IWS Online School)
  • Barbara Wasson at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Barbara Wasson
    Director, Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE)
    University of Bergen
    Marta Žuvić at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Marta Žuvić
    Vice-Rector for Students, Studies and QA
    University of Rijeka
  • Lennard Ameys at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Lennard Ameys
    STEM Trainer and Product Designer
    De Creatieve STEM
    Diana Andone at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Diana Andone
    Director, eLearning Center
    Politehnica University of Timisoara
  • Dimitrios Boglou at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Dimitrios Boglou
    Makerspace Director
    Cyprus University of Technology
    Stuart Briner at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Stuart Briner
    Head of education technology
    International Schools Partnership
  • Alessandro Brolpito at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Alessandro Brolpito
    Senior Human Capital Development Expert, Digital Skills and Learning
    European Training Foundation
    Zaitoon Bukhari at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Zaitoon Bukhari
    Digital Education Lead
    Achievement Through Collaboration Trust
  • André Chanoca at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    André Chanoca
    Computer Science Teacher and Tech Coach
    St Peter's International School
    Søren Vrist Christensen at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Søren Vrist Christensen
    Consultant, Lecturer and Pedagogical Coordinator
    Marselisborg Gymnasium
  • James Clay at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    James Clay
    Head of Higher Education and Student Experience
    Patrícia Costa at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Patrícia Costa
    Portuguese Teacher and Tech Coach
    King’s College School Cascais
  • Joana D’Orey at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Joana D’Orey
    Kindergarten English Teacher and Tech Coach
    PaRK International School
    Leo Dudin at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Leo Dudin
    Deputy Head Academic
    Oakham School
  • Catarina Ferreira at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Catarina Ferreira
    Maths and Science Teacher and Tech Coach Senior School
    PaRK International School
    Thomas Graham at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Thomas Graham
    MAD Courses
  • Sallie Greenhalgh at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Sallie Greenhalgh
    Academic & Digital Lead
    The Unicorn School
    Emelie Hahn at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Emelie Hahn
    Lead teacher and author
    Gränbyskolan, Uppsala municipality
  • Sibylle Harth at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Sibylle Harth
    Director of Technology
    International School of Düsseldorf
    Vera Hendriks at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Vera Hendriks
    STEM Trainer and Product Designer
    De Creatieve STEM
  • Rasmus Johnsen at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Rasmus Johnsen
    Vice Dean Lifelong Learning
    Copenhagen Business School
    Machiel Keestra at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Machiel Keestra
    Central Diversity Officer
    University of Amsterdam
  • Damian Klein at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Damian Klein
    Customer Success Lead
    iSpring Solutions
    Laura Knight at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Laura Knight
    Director of Digital Learning
    Berkhamsted School
  • Andreas Koini at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Andreas Koini
    Head of School
    Antwerp International School
    Andrea Lapegna at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Andrea Lapegna
    Deputy Director
    Lifelong Learning Platform
  • Arturo Lavalle at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Arturo Lavalle
    Head of Research & Development and International Relations Area
    Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi
    Joana Loureiro at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Joana Loureiro
    Primary Teacher and Tech Coach Junior School
    PaRK International School
  • Ana Louro at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Ana Louro
    Teacher Trainer
    AE Rodrigues de Freitas
    Pam Mundy at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Pam Mundy
    Executive Director
    Pam Mundy Associates Ltd
  • Sergiu Negut at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Sergiu Negut
    Associate Dean
    Bucharest International School of Management
    Tiago Neves at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Tiago Neves
    IT Manager
    PaRK International School
  • Joost Noordeloos at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Joost Noordeloos
    Advisor Education and ICT
    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
    John O'Connor at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    John O'Connor
    Strategic Lead (European University)
    Technological University Dublin
  • Chris O'Reilly at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Chris O'Reilly
    Director of Studies UK
    OneSchool Global
    Drs. Valéry Oude Groen at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Drs. Valéry Oude Groen
    Teamlead, Student Development
    Utrecht University
  • Vesa Paajanen at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Vesa Paajanen
    Facilitator of Online and Blended Pedagogy
    University of Eastern Finland
    Teemu Patala at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Teemu Patala
    PhD Candidate, & Director / Co-founder of Context Learning Finland
    University of Lapland
  • Margus Pedaste at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Margus Pedaste
    Professor of Educational Technology
    University of Tartu
    Kirra Pendergast at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Kirra Pendergast
    Chief Executive Officer
    Safe On Social
  • Sofia Pereira at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Sofia Pereira
    Early Learning Teacher and Tech Coach
    St Peter's International School
    Alexandra Read at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Alexandra Read
    Head of Learning Technology
    The Girls'​ Day School Trust
  • Sonia Rennicks at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Sonia Rennicks
    Head of Education, Training & e-Mental Health
    Mental Health Ireland
    Lidia Ristea at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Lidia Ristea
    Professor Nicolae Simache Secondary School
  • George Rouvas at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    George Rouvas
    Computer Science Teacher / Senior Instructional Technology Consultant
    Anatolia College
    Zaeem Sajjad at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Zaeem Sajjad
    Head of ICT and Robotics
    American Lycetuff DNK School System
  • Olivian Saldinger-Marinof at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Olivian Saldinger-Marinof
    Primary ICT Teacher and Technology Curriculum Coordinator
    Verita International School
    Andreia Salgueiro at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Andreia Salgueiro
    Teacher & Tech Coach
    PaRK International School
  • Miroslava Silva Ordaz at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Miroslava Silva Ordaz
    Design Teacher and Liaison with TU Delft
    International School of Delft
    Werner Sperschneider at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Werner Sperschneider
    Senior Researcher
    University College Absalon
  • Anabel Valera at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Anabel Valera
    Executive Director
    International Education Partnership -IEP
    Maurice van den Akker at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Maurice van den Akker
    Head of Wireless Network Services and Innovation
  • Marco Van Hout at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Marco Van Hout
    Co-Founder & Head of Impact
    Digital Society School
    Anouschka van Leeuwen at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Anouschka van Leeuwen
    Assistant Professor and Project Leader Learning Analytics
    Utrecht University
  • Robin van Oorschot at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Robin van Oorschot
    University Teacher
    Technical University of Denmark
    Marcel van Oosterhout at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Marcel van Oosterhout
    Adjunct Executive Director, Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics
    Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Vanessa Viganò at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Vanessa Viganò
    Educationalist and IT Education Strategies Developer
    CHARM-European University
    Delphine Wante at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Delphine Wante
    Project Lead EdTech and Digital Didactics
    VIVES University of Applied Sciences
  • Victoria Whiting at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Victoria Whiting
    Director of Education
    Achievement Through Collaboration Trust
    Joe Wilson at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Joe Wilson
    Head of Digital Skills
    City of Glasgow College
  • Yasemin Yalcinkaya at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Yasemin Yalcinkaya
    ICT Integration Specialist
    International School of Florence
    Metin Yilmaz at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Metin Yilmaz
    Chief Finanical Officer
    MEF university
  • Elizabeth Anderson at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Elizabeth Anderson
    Interim CEO
    Digital Poverty Alliance
    Mats Cullhed at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Mats Cullhed
    Educational Developer, Division for Quality Enhancement, Academic Teaching and Learning Unit
    Uppsala University
  • James Garnett at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    James Garnett
    IT Director
    United Learning
    Mari Kilpelainen at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Mari Kilpelainen
    Principal & e-learning special
    Ita-Suomen Koulu
  • Abid Patel at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Abid Patel
    IT Director
    Newham Community Learning
    Cristina Riesen at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Cristina Riesen
    Founder and CEO
    Educreators Foundation
  • John Switzer at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    John Switzer
    Upper School Principal
    Frankfurt International School
    Jasper Kok at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Jasper Kok
    Managing Director
    OPO Hof van Twente
  • Antonella Poce at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Antonella Poce
    Professor in Pedagogy
    University of Rome Tor Vergata
    Gordana Janakievska at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Gordana Janakievska
    Head of Unit
    Bureau for Development of Education
  • Juliette Norrmén-Smith at EDUtech_Europe 2023
    Juliette Norrmén-Smith
    Individual Specialist


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"I really enjoyed the fact that this conference differed to many others as there were lots of opportunities for people to speak and recieve new ideas.”
Jonathan Butcher
Digital Learning Coordinator & Data Manager
British School of Milan
“The event was great and I was very impressed with how well-organised everything was... The excellent keynotes and the EdTech start-up zone were a particular highlight.”
Jocelyn Gamble
Educational Technology Specialist (Whole School Management)
Leipzig International School
“Relevant content, speakers and exhibitors. Adequate 2-day duration event.”
Carlos Garriga
“I liked what I saw (panel discussions, speeches, edtech company offers) and met some very interesting people. Good to extend my network and to learn a bit more about foreign school systems.”
Nicole Bordelais
Deputy Head
International German School of Brussels

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