Closing The Digital Gap | Africa 2021

Strategies & Actions To Ignite Africa's Education Sector Potential

15 July 2021 | 3pm (GMT+2)


According to a UNICEF report, nearly 90 percent of students in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to household computers and 82 percent lack internet access. As a result, they cannot ensure educational continuity. The inherent inequality with regards to access of the internet and other educational tools, threatens to deepen the global crisis when it comes to education.
The COVID-19 pandemic has both highlighted and in some cases accentuated digital inequities in Africa. The divide disproportionately impacts rural areas and marginalised communities. This event, hosted by HP, will explore how bridging the digital divide, through collaboration between public and private sector, will help secure a better education for all in Africa. The webinar will convene leaders from tech, education, NGO and government to discuss the burning issue.


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