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Live online in 2022


Technology is changing how we learn, what we learn and where we learn. Accelerated by the pandemic; schools, universities and educators around the region are actively engaged in seeking ideas, inspiration, and solutions.

In November 2022,  EDUtech Africa  will be broadcasting live online. Leading minds in education from across Africa will be presenting stories, showcasing innovation, and inspiring educators across the region. Plus, the very best EdTech solution providers will be demonstrating the latest technology innovations that are changing the way education is delivered.

Join us and accelerate a change in education across Africa.


Meet some of our 2021 speakers


  • Nadia Ahmed at EduTech Africa 2021
    Nadia Ahmed
    Chief Administrative Secretary
    Ministry of ICT, Innovation & Youth Affairs
    Fransli Buckle at EduTech Africa 2021
    Fransli Buckle
    Chief Education Therapist
    Gauteng Department of Education
  • Kathleen Chromicz at EduTech Africa 2021
    Kathleen Chromicz
    Former Head of Department, Educational Technology and Technology Integrationist
    International School Of Kenya
    Jon Foster-Pedley at EduTech Africa 2021
    Jon Foster-Pedley
    Henley Business School Limited
  • Matthew Hains at EduTech Africa 2021
    Matthew Hains
    Head Of Department Computer Applications Technology, Ict Development Officer
    Saheti School
    Michelle Hoffmann at EduTech Africa 2021
    Michelle Hoffmann
    Beaulieu College
  • Ebenezer Malcalm at EduTech Africa 2021
    Ebenezer Malcalm
    Ghana University College
    Vicent Mbonye at EduTech Africa 2021
    Vicent Mbonye
    iTEACH Coordinator
  • Hoda Mostafa at EduTech Africa 2021
    Hoda Mostafa
    Director and Professor of Practice, Center for Learning and Teaching
    American University in Cairo
    El-Marie Mostert at EduTech Africa 2021
    El-Marie Mostert
    Education Consultant & E-learning Project Manager
    University of Pretoria
  • Colin Northmore at EduTech Africa 2021
    Colin Northmore
    Andrew Riechi at EduTech Africa 2021
    Andrew Riechi
    Senior Lecturer & Head of Economics of Education Thematic Area: Department of Educational Administration & Planning
    University of Nairobi
  • Nyari Samushonga at EduTech Africa 2021
    Nyari Samushonga
    Chief Executive Officer
    Prof. Sandile Songca at EduTech Africa 2021
    Prof. Sandile Songca
    Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching and Learning
    University of KwaZulu Natal
  • Riaan Van Der Bergh at EduTech Africa 2021
    Riaan Van Der Bergh
    Education Technology Manager
    Karen Walstra at EduTech Africa 2021
    Karen Walstra
  • Mari Jansen van Rensburg at EduTech Africa 2021
    Mari Jansen van Rensburg
    Campus Director
    Middlesex University Mauritius
    Samir Maktouf at EduTech Africa 2021
    Samir Maktouf
    Africa Global Investments Corporation
  • Walter Matli at EduTech Africa 2021
    Walter Matli
    Associate Professor
    University of South Africa (UNISA)
    Lizl Tanton at EduTech Africa 2021
    Lizl Tanton
    Gauteng Department of Education
  • Chanille Viviers at EduTech Africa 2021
    Chanille Viviers
    Director- Innovation and Technology
    Steyn City School
    Michael Vorster at EduTech Africa 2021
    Michael Vorster
    Head of Innovation and Head of Afrikaans
    United Herzlia Schools
  • Jihen Berrached at EduTech Africa 2021
    Jihen Berrached
    Head of ELT Education
    Ministry of Education
    Anju De Alwis at EduTech Africa 2021
    Anju De Alwis
    Managing Director
    Ultimate Access
  • Maria Gilmour at EduTech Africa 2021
    Maria Gilmour
    Chief Clinical Officer
    Gemiini Systems, Inc., Wynne Solutions Behavior Se
    Elyas Abdi Jillaow at EduTech Africa 2021
    Elyas Abdi Jillaow
    Director General
    Kenya Ministry of Education
  • Joel Johnston at EduTech Africa 2021
    Joel Johnston
    Executive Director
    Ahmed Mekki at EduTech Africa 2021
    Ahmed Mekki
    Inspector General of Education
    Ministry of Education
  • Jennifer Surujpaul at EduTech Africa 2021
    Jennifer Surujpaul
    Director of IT
    Linda Nanan Vallee at EduTech Africa 2021
    Linda Nanan Vallee
    Lecturer| Executive director
    Ecole Supérieure Africaine des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication,
  • Andre Van der Westhuizen at EduTech Africa 2021
    Andre Van der Westhuizen
    Programme Manager
    Varsity College
    Alecia Fourie at EduTech Africa 2021
    Alecia Fourie
    Teaching & Learning Specialist
    IIE Varsity College
  • Jonathan Laverick at EduTech Africa 2021
    Jonathan Laverick
    Director of A Level
    Maru A Pula School
    Jenine Beekhuyzen at EduTech Africa 2021
    Jenine Beekhuyzen
    Founder & CEO
    Tech Girls Movement Foundation
  • Eva Cheng at EduTech Africa 2021
    Eva Cheng
    University of Technology Sydney
    Robert Faltermeier at EduTech Africa 2021
    Robert Faltermeier
    Director of innovation
    Jeppe High School for Boys
  • Nicci Geyer at EduTech Africa 2021
    Nicci Geyer
    Maths & English Teacher
    Helderberg IES International School
    Mikaela Jade at EduTech Africa 2021
    Mikaela Jade
    Founder & CEO
  • Juma Lungo at EduTech Africa 2021
    Juma Lungo
    College of Information and Communication Technologies
    Trevor McArthur at EduTech Africa 2021
    Trevor McArthur
    University of Cape Town
  • Karen Taylor-Brown at EduTech Africa 2021
    Karen Taylor-Brown
    Refraction Media
    Bertrand Momo at EduTech Africa 2021
    Bertrand Momo
    Learning Innovation Officer
    United Nations - ILO International Training Centre
  • Alejandro Rivera at EduTech Africa 2021
    Alejandro Rivera
    Jericho School DIstrict
    Benadette Aineamani at EduTech Africa 2021
    Benadette Aineamani
    Director: Product and Services
    Pearson Africa
  • Linah Anyango at EduTech Africa 2021
    Linah Anyango
    Ict Integration Coach
    Regis School
    Ines De Almeida at EduTech Africa 2021
    Ines De Almeida
    Educational Technologist
    Varsity College
  • Veronique Genniker at EduTech Africa 2021
    Veronique Genniker
    Director - Pearson Marang Education Trust
    Alister Payne at EduTech Africa 2021
    Alister Payne
  • Annie Kgosi at EduTech Africa 2021
    Annie Kgosi
    Mathematics Academic
    Mancosa School Of Education
    Nicole Kotton at EduTech Africa 2021
    Nicole Kotton
    SA Regional Sales Manager
    KHIPU Networks
  • Max Makgoale at EduTech Africa 2021
    Max Makgoale
    Senior Account Manager, Education
    Amazon Web Services
    Joseph Pickerill at EduTech Africa 2021
    Joseph Pickerill
    Senior Director, International Public Affairs
  • Jude Sheeran at EduTech Africa 2021
    Jude Sheeran
    Principal - Education
    Amazon Web Services
    Linda Siso at EduTech Africa 2021
    Linda Siso
    Head of Education South Africa
    Amazon Web Services
  • Felix Malombe at EduTech Africa 2021
    Felix Malombe
    Executive Director
    STEAMLabs Africa


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