It's A Networking Event

1–2–1 Partnering

We understand that relationships matter and at the end of the day the success of the event will be determined by the number of quality contacts you make.

To help you get the most value from your sponsorship and guarantee that you make the right contacts, we have completely revamped our networking offering for 2018.

Guaranteed meetings

Would it help your business if you could guarantee introductions to your key prospects? Our dedicated networking manager for EduBUILD Africa will do exactly that.

We remove all of the risk out of securing those vital business opportunities. We guarantee it.

VIP Program

Our networking team works year round to build important relationships with school/university leaders.

This is how we will pack out the conference with so many buyers in 2018. We go out and build the audience for you.

Expo Picture from EduTech Africa


Networking at EduTech Africa


The networking platform

As a sponsor you will have full access to our event networking platform- Jujama 4 weeks before the show.

You can contact all of the attendees, set up meetings, and ensure your sales team have connected with your prospects before you even get to the show.

Speed networking

Join us at speed networking and rotate around until you have had 3 minutes in front of every customer and prospect in the room. Establish valuable relationships with operators, government and end users that can help transform your business.

EduBUILD Africa is built to connect you with the leading players in the industry. Over 8 hours of networking time, combined with our dedicated networking managers will guarantee you meetings and create the perfect opportunity to turbo charge your sales pipeline.

Over the course of the show we can connect you with buyers, shorten your sales cycles and put your team in front of the region’s transport leaders.