First Category

1. African Energy Innovation Prize


The drive for success and competitive advantage, coupled with the need to satisfy spiralling energy demands across the world is what’s pushing futurists and disruptors to deliver new practical energy solutions and innovations.

It is key to recognise and award these innovators. Leaders in the power and energy field are ahead of the game, combining talent and innovation with an equal capacity to realise commercial gains from their solution.

This award will focus on the many areas that equates to an innovative solution – in the development, testing and commercialization phase.

The judges will consider information and supporting documents on the following criteria:

• Rationale and strategic vision
• Innovation
• Commercial viability
• Net projected growth
• Proof of success thus far
• Scope of opportunity
• Non-financial results
• Practical applications and opportunities for use



All companies must fulfil the following general criteria for entry as well as the specific category criteria:

• Have started to trade no earlier than 1 March 2012
• Be ‘independently owned’. This is defined as a business which is substantially owned by its founders and/or a group of independent investors, is not quoted on AIM or any other stock market; and is not a subsidiary or associated company of another business.
• Be African based
• Innovation in new energy sources, inventions, solutions for energy saving, energy generation, storage, transmission etc.  Any and all energy related innovations

The winner will be awarded a  $30 000  prize for their contribution and innovation in the energy space.

* African – nominees must originate from an African country
* Nominees must be brief and include quantifiable facts when possible. No more than 300 words per criteria.


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Second Category

2. African Energy Leader of the Year


This award will recognise a company or an individual:

A large company that has the courage and conviction to make fundamental changes, in the way they operate, changes that are disruptive and forward thinking that competitors can only follow their lead. Leadership, market growth, corporate integrity and financial success are key among the characteristics that this award will celebrate. Revolutionary thinking in implementation of best-practice safety standards, cost-efficiency and displaying a commitment to sustainable, forward-thinking solutions are a must.

An individual that exhibits courage, dedication, vision and judgement that empowers those around him/her. A leader that is highly respected and recognised by his peers and competitors. Operational effectiveness and revenue growth will not be the deciding factors, but will play a role. Judges are looking for that “X” factor. This is an award for an individual who has made an impact on a company level and within the industry as a whole.

The judges will consider information and supporting documents on the following criteria:

• Strategic vision
• Achievements
• Operations
• Innovation
• Financials
• Integrity
• Leadership


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Third Category

3. Premier Energy Project of the Year

This award is about excellence in project execution and management. Eligible companies will be those which undertake a construction or infrastructure project in any part of the energy arena - electricity generation, power transmission lines and distribution facilities or renewable energy.

Judges will look for a project owner that recognized a critical need or opportunity and the quick moved to propose and finance it. The regulatory environment, challenges before and during construction as well as brining the project online in a timely fashion are key. Outstanding design qualities, delivery and execution will also be considered.

The winning project will be one that shows true innovation in its implementation and all-round approach. Project must be completed between September 2013 and December 2014.


The judges will consider information and supporting documents on the following criteria:

• Challenges
• Financial results
• Innovation
• Impact and effectiveness
• Operational excellence
• Safety
• Scope


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Fourth Category

4. Small and Medium Energy Company of the Year

* Eligible companies - a profit-seeking enterprise with less than $50m in annual revenues

Candidates must have developed or facilitated a disruptive solution.
This award takes a closer look at the innovative developments of the company and their successful adoption or implementation as well as tangible industrial benefits.

A clear vision for the long-term future of energy and sustainability which helps shape current strategy and new initiatives is key. The company must demonstrate a commitment to furthering the industry as a whole.


The judges will consider information and supporting documents on the following criteria:


• Innovation
• Long term vision
• Impact
• Success
• Leadership


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