Xriba ltd

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Xriba was created to bridge the traditional financial frameworks with that of the Cryptocurrency Market and to bring transparency and accountability to all markets.

The Xriba Protocol includes state-of-the-art technology such as AI to enhance bookkeeping efficiency providing companies a robust tool-set to build a bookkeeping application, or to utilize one of Xriba’s applications to record and track company finances. 

1.    Mastrobook will allow traditional business to accept cryptocurrencies while recording all transactions in the local fiat currency.

2.    Cryptobook is a corresponding cryptocurrency version of Mastrobook, but with some additional features exclusive to ICO start-ups. 

3.    XribaPay smartphone app, will make it quicker to open accounts and easier to manage them. It will be the first automated company business wallet, connecting its innovative features to third party bookkeeping software through its APIs.