Sahil Malhotra | Partner Account Manager

Sahil Malhotra, Partner Account Manager, ApprovalMax

The accounting landscape is dynamic and challenging. Sahil’s education in accounting, and his extensive experience in the accounting and SaaS industry has allowed him to become a trusted advisor to his clients.

Over the last decade, Sahil has gained an in-depth understanding of the cloud-enabled accounting ecosystem, having worked at Xero as well as with other integrated add-on apps. Sahil is passionate about streamlining internal processes and believes in automating any approach that obstructs great performance.

Hear him speak about transforming a manual, paper-based, invoice approval process into a digitally advanced system with optimised controls.


Accounting & Finance Show Asia Day 1 @ 11:00

Panel: Unlocking business growth with connected apps

Professional accounting & bookkeeping firms who embrace digital solutions have leveraged them to offer client advisory, unlocking additional revenue streams. Cloud apps help streamline their workflow, increase efficiency and deliver smarter insights for their SME clients. Join Xero and their app partners as they discuss about the business growth opportunities that payroll, reporting and payment apps can bring for practices who are ready to leverage a connected app ecosystem.
Session led by: xero
Session led by: hreasily
Session led by: approvalmax
Session led by: fathom

Accounting & Finance Show Asia Day 1 @ 13:30

Tech Demo: Introduction to ApprovalMax, the best-in-class approval automation app for Xero & QuickBooks Online

Session led by: approvalmax
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