Kai Chan | Strategic Partnerships Manager (Fintech)

Kai Chan, Strategic Partnerships Manager (Fintech), Xero

Kai joined Xero in 2019 to manage partnerships with the regional banks. Since then, he’s worked on numerous partnerships, ranging from local banks to fintechs and payments partners. He now looks after Xero’s fintech partners regionally as well as the emerging market banks within Xero Asia. Some of these partners are - Stripe, Paypal, Wise and many more.

Prior to joining Xero, Kai worked at one of the local banks as part of their innovation team, focusing on various SME Banking Digital initiatives. He also holds a Bachelor of Business Management in Finance.


Accounting & Finance Show Asia Day 1 @ 10:30

Grow Your Business With Online Payment Solutions

If you’re thinking about how you can further grow your business through utilising solutions that are within your reach, this session is the one for you. Join Kai Chan, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Xero Asia as he shares about the ways online payment solutions can help SMEs bolster business efficiency and simply get paid faster.
Session led by: xero
last published: 24/Sep/21 04:25 GMT

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