Derek Tang | Senior Account Manager

Derek Tang, Senior Account Manager, Xero

Derek is a Senior Account Manager at Xero. He helps accountants and bookkeepers in Singapore improve efficiency in their practice as they transit into the cloud with Xero. Prior to Xero, Derek spent 4 years as an Industry Development Manager with the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA), where he was involved in various initiatives that helped accountants in different sectors with capability development. His wide range of experience also includes 6 years in the government sector across statutory boards Media Development Authority (MDA) and the Land Transport Authority (LTA).


Day 2 - Accounting & Finance Show Asia Virtual @ 11:00

Panel: Keeping up with the digital wave

There is an indisputable opportunity for accountants arising...not only are more and more SMEs actively seeking out advisory services, but by capitalising on this demand, accountants can tap into a valuable stream of business that can help them to grow their firms.Time-strapped accountants, who traditionally over-service their clients, need to take advantage of digital transformation to streamline their basic workflow. Only then will they be able to reduce their labour resources and free up their time to focus on valuable business advisory services.Join our expert panelist as we discuss how automating your internal processes leads to opportunities for accounting practices to play less of a functional role and more of a strategic one.
Session led by: xero
last published: 23/Oct/20 08:45 GMT

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