Ananya Chopra | Partner Consultant

Ananya Chopra, Partner Consultant, Xero

Ananya is a Partner Consultant at Xero. In her role, she helps accounting and bookkeeping firms in Singapore execute their online growth strategies for themselves and their small business clients. She is passionate about educating practitioners who have an interest in developing their cloud capabilities and supports them on their digital transformation journey.

Prior to joining Xero, Ananya worked as a Finance Manager for a technology startup for over 4 years in Singapore; where she used Xero extensively and experienced the beauty of online accounting firsthand. She is keen to share about the various tips & tricks that she has picked up along the way that she believes will enhance and enable partners to reap the benefits of the cloud.


Accounting & Finance Show Asia Day 2 @ 13:30

Supercharge Your Workflow With Automation

Manual data collection and entry can be an arduous task which takes up valuable time that could have otherwise been spent on serving more clients or providing more value add advisory services. But with automation technology, many of these administrative tasks can be easily replaced with tools such as Hubdoc and other integrated apps. Join Ananya Chopra, Partner Consultant, Xero Asia to find out just how the power of automation can change your practice’s workflow and support your clients even better!
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last published: 24/Sep/21 04:25 GMT

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