Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals


The Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals (SCTP) is the national tax body bringing together tax professionals from diverse backgrounds to advance the tax profession.
Accredited tax professionals of SCTP have the opportunity to differentiate themselves through a professional designation and have access to exclusive resources such as closed-door dialogue discussions between the tax authority and SCTP. These are in addition to an array of specially-curated benefits and privileges designed for accredited tax professionals to stand out in the profession.
Overall, SCTP leverages the collective expertise of its members in diverse roles across the economy to achieve tax excellence across the profession in Singapore and beyond. Its members are well attuned to the business landscape and are equipped to partner local and international business for the future.
SCTP continues to be an advocate of tax issues based on tax policies and rules that are sustainable, of substance and pro-business. It is well poised to be a leading tax institute beyond the borders of Singapore with members well attuned to the business landscape and equipped to partner local and international businesses in their strategic growth from strength to strength.
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