Nimbus Portal Solutions


Nimbus is a cutting edge Cloud Document Management (CDM) system with integrated 24x7 Client Portal and Digital Document Signing. Share any document with a client just by setting the "published" flag, so there is no uploading, downloading, scanning or copying, just one common document in the cloud. Nimbus CDM includes; document versioning, auto archiving, permanent archive, online editing, custom metadata, PDF generation, one-click publishing, document workflow, with intimate integration to your standard MS Office apps.

Futureproof your practice with features such as multiple methods of navigation, support for internal workflow, file conversations, smart online webform checklists, email marketing and online appointments.

Nimbus offers integration to many common Practice Management systems such as Xero Practice Manager.

Nimbus gives you a single integrated solution that effectively replaces up to half a dozen standalone commonly used web apps. This means you only have one system to manage and keep up to date.