iPaymy Technologies Pte Ltd


With iPaymy for Business, you can use your credit card to pay business expenses such as rent, salaries and invoices. It works even if the recipient does not accept cards! With iPaymy, it’s never been easier for business operators to meet monthly payment obligations while keeping cash available to fuel growth, bridge receivable gaps, and make immediate investment in the supplies, services, and expertise needed to drive a growing business forward.  

Forget the aggravations that come with traditional small business financing options, making payments with iPaymy is like having instant access to working capital.

Being a connected Xero App makes iPaymy a great solution for accepting credit card payments from your customers at no added cost to you. Your customers will love the ease of paying through iPaymy. Once your customers make a payment, the funds are deposited directly into your bank account and your accounts are automatically reconciled in Xero.