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Digital Innovation, Tuesday 8 October 2019

Nam Soon Liew
Digital Innovation

How ASEAN SMEs can leverage transformative technologies to futureproof their business

  • Overview of latest technological trends and disruptions impacting the ASEAN consumer and business landscape
  • How should Asean SMEs leverage transformative technologies like A.I., M.L., data analytics, blockchain, e-payments, to future-ready themselves
  • 7 transformative steps towards digital success for SMEs to embed digital into their DNA
Jan-Arie Byloos
Digital Innovation

Decrease your business costs through intelligent automation

Please join Jan-Arie, Co-founder and COO of BlueMeg, for his presentation on reducing business cost through intelligent automation. Jan-Arie will focus on direct and indirect cost associated with the provision of corporate services. He will demonstrate how intelligent adoption and inclusion of technology will enable firms to massively reduce internal cost, increase security, and significantly improve their clients’ experience at the same time. BlueMeg is a technology company that builds cloud-based software that automates, secures, and manages corporate governance. BlueMeg’s software securely interacts with government identity solutions, e-signature providers, KYC databases, cloud-based accounting platforms, and many more.
Session led by: bluemeg
Robert Tay

Why do I need to join Singapore’s Nationwide E-Invoicing Network?

The payment landscape in Singapore has been changed with PayNow where payment can be made easily. It is now common for businesses to send payment over PayNow. Likewise, the invoice landscape is going to be changed with the nationwide e-invoicing network. Join us to learn how you can invoice each other digitally and easily on the network, and start reaping the benefits of digitalisation for yourself and your partners.
Robert Tay, Cluster Director, Modern Services, IMDA
Session led by: imda
Kevin Fitzgerald

Become a pacesetter in the accounting industry

  • What the current state of the accounting industry looks like (traditional paper-based v.s. enlightened in digital)
  • To identify your challenges and understand your support channels
  • Best practices, tools and platforms adopted by progressive firms around the world
Session led by: xero
Elaine Lim
Digital Innovation

Running your business in the cloud

Mariam Riza
Digital Innovation

Embracing technology: engaging your future workforce

Tim Hoopmann
Digital Innovation

Automate to survive

Zann Kwan
Digital Innovation

The ledger that rules them all: leveraging on the blockchain technology for accountants

As an accounting professional, it is crucial today to be in tune on what is happening in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space to remain relevant. This talk will compress six years of experience into a 30-minute talk for you to cut though the clutter, reducing your time researching through pages of information on the Internet, and give you the understanding that shapes this space to make sense of the virtual asset hype and development.
Session led by: crowe-singapore
Willem Boshoff
Digital Innovation

Digitalisation of the month end close process

Willem Boshoff, Director of CPM, Tridant Pte Ltd
Lielette Calleja

Embracing change with confidence

Aynsley Damery

How cloud, blockchain and AI can double your profits

Sarah Lawrance
Digital Innovation

The power of specialising: adding value to the advisory role through specialisation

Devan Moorthy
Digital Innovation

Stay in control: building a connected platform with business apps

  • To identify new business opportunities that are made possible with connected, integrated solutions
  • What a day in the life of a connected SME looks like
  • How technology can help you grow and scale your business beyond borders
Session led by: xero
Michelle Mak
Bryan O'Loughlan
Digital Innovation

Digital tools for small business

    How can Digital Tools enhance Small Business?What are the types of Digital Tools you can use?More expensive Digital ToolsCheap and Free Digital Tools
Davy Lassagne
Digital Innovation

Digitalising the finance function: the human factor

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Digital Innovation, Wednesday 9 October 2019

Claudia Marcusson
Digital Innovation

The future is now: 10 digital finance trends you need to know about

Nabeel Saeed
Digital Innovation

The International Receivables problem and how to solve it

Nabeel Saeed, Head of APAC Client Success, Flywire
Session led by: flywire
Jonathan Winter
Derek Tang
Digital Innovation

The key considerations of a modern accounting firm

  • To understand the benefits of online accounting beyond efficiency gains
  • How to get paid faster
  • How to run a truly mobile business on the go
Session led by: xero
Anand Periwal
Digital Innovation

Building trust in AI in digital lending

AI has played an instrumental role for various companies and most importantly, for peer-to-peer lending platforms. How AI has transformed lending and how it affects both lenders and SMEs; why trust is crucial for the future of AI and digital lending. Learn how your role can be a part of the driving force for financial inclusion for our SMEs.
Anand Periwal, Head of Partnerships, Validus Capital
Session led by: validus-capital
Heather Smith
Digital Innovation

Essential technology tools for offering Business Advisory services

Emotional Intelligence, and empathy utilised alongside communication and accounting tools empowers accountants to connect with small business clients, helping them shape the numbers to tell their story.With access to accurate timely data accountants are well placed accountants to design business solutions to surface useful information to help their clients make data-driven decisions. Business Advisory is a fun, interesting and profitable complementary service offering Attend this session to hear about the tools that can help you offer this service. Takeaways: ·An understanding you don’t need to have all the answers ·Empowered to start exploring offering business Advisory with existing clients – growing small fish into bigger fish ·Introduction to neat Business Advisory tech tools ·Resources to undertake Business Advisory
Session led by: acca
Kg Tan
Alan Schmoll
Digital Innovation

Workflow technology: threat or saviour to the professional services industry?

Built on tradition, the professional services industry is known to be late at adopting new technology into their processes. This talk will explore the effects of introducing workflow technology to professional services and highlight the business opportunities that automating the routine creates. Implementation of workflow technology is profound in many ways, both for clients and for employees. We'll look at how it can improve client engagement and retention as well as what it means for employees to be apart of a technology empowered firm.
Session led by: zave
Panel discussion

How can I benefit from a free e-invoicing solution?

The first step in doing business is to be found. Just as businesses without a web presence are not in people's consideration, a presence in the nationally recognised PEPPOL E-Invoicing network is a must to be found for transacting digitally. Learn more about how the E-Invoice network is enhancing business opportunities for local SME's and other businesses.
Moderator: Seong Wah Geok, Director, E-Invoice (Project Office), IMDA
Sally Loo, Finance Controller, Dairy Farm Group
Volkmar Ahrens, Managing Director, W.M.D.
Debarun Roychoudhury, Senior Vice President and Group Head, UOB BizSmart, United Overseas Bank Limited
Session led by: imda
Jody Padar

Putting innovation into your company culture's DNA

Today’s future-ready accountants are operating at the intersection of user experience, technology and business. But what does that mean exactly? In this interactive session, we’ll talk about why innovation and agility are related, transform your company’s culture, look at your business model and reevaluate operations. You’ll walk away with tips and strategies on how to roll with constant change and how you can take your company to the next level.
Vincent Widjaja
Alex Foong
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