Accounting Tech: Adopt, Tuesday 3 November 2020

Ashutosh Gurung
Baskar Sankar
Accounting Tech: Adopt

Upgrading legacy systems

Raymond Lim
Accounting Tech: Adopt

Building your tech stack

Apoorv Bhatnagar
Accounting Tech: Adopt

Delivering during recessionary times

By attending this session, you will learn:
  • Context: Areas of concern for CXOs and Finance colleagues as businesses inch towards recovery
  • Opportunity: Ideas for maximizing value from different functions of your organisation
  • Recommendation: A proposed approach on managing business in the New Normal
Jasper Goh
Accounting Tech: Adopt

Business intelligence for you and your clients

Michelle Lombard
Accounting Tech: Adopt

Taking bookkeeping into the cloud

Ananya Chopra
Accounting Tech: Adopt

Automate data capture & extraction

The average accounting practice spends 70% of their time on manual data collection and entry. This is precious time that can be otherwise spent on servicing and advising more clients!The decision to adopt automation technology can be a daunting one, but can result in bigger gains for accounting firms in the long run. And while automation can take on the majority of an accountant’s grunt work, it doesn’t spell the end for accountants. Rather, it leads to opportunities for accounting practices to play less of a functional role and more of a strategic one.
Session led by: xero
Andrea Monni
Accounting Tech: Adopt

Making your employee claims process paperless

Jacek Szufan
Accounting Tech: Adopt

Digital horsepower of your global finance tax

By attending this session, you will learn:
  • Complexity Vs Technology Race - did you bet on the right horse?
  • Tech for Tax – thoroughbreds or workhorses?
  • Gearing up for digitisation - DOs and DONTs
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