Wolfgang Knirsch | CEO

Wolfgang Knirsch, CEO, Vita34

Dr. Wolfgang Knirsch, born in 1960, has been a member of the board of Vita 34 AG since June 2016 and was appointed CEO of Vita 34 AG in June 2017. After he received his PhD in inorganic chemistry by RWTH Aachen, Dr. Wolfgang Knirsch made a shift from institutional research to the pharmaceutical industry in 1992. He started his career in the sales and marketing division of Hoechst AG. Later, he was in charge of the product management of internationally relevant ethical preparations of the successor company Aventis Pharma GmbH. When he went to work for Merck KGaA, he became responsible for new business and national marketing of the company’s most important product sector. In 2005, Dr. Knirsch took over the management of the operational and strategic marketing of Biotest AG. After the successful restructuring and reorganization of the division, he made a shift to the international line of business in 2011. In his position as Vice President of International Business, he successfully advanced the strategically relevant department worth several hundred millions of Euros involving distribution partners worldwide.

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