Uta Griesenbach | Professor Of Molecular Medicine
Imperiai College London

Uta Griesenbach, Professor Of Molecular Medicine, Imperiai College London

Uta Griesenbach is a Professor in Molecular Medicine at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London and the President of the British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (www.bsgct.org/). Uta‘s reserach interests are related to the development of gene therapy-based treatments for cystic fibrosis and other inflammatory lung diseases and include vector and biomarker development, toxicology and safety as well as GMP-vector production. Uta is Co-Investigator on several gene therapy trials, including a recently completed non-viral Phase IIb study. Uta is a Strategy Group Member of the UK Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Consortium (www.cfgenetherapy.org.uk/) and is the Gene Therapy advisor (GTAC) on the West London National Research Ethics Comittee. In addition, Uta is interested in teaching and work-force development. She is Deputy-director for post-graduate reserach at the National Heart and Lung Institute and Programme director for the MSc in Genes, Drugs and Stem cells-Novel Therapies at Imperial College.


Conference Day 1: Thursday 16th May 2019 @ 17:05

Series of 10-minute updates from gene therapy organisations followed by a panel discussion on strategically improving issues in vivo gene therapy 

  • In vivo gene therapy – moving away from the bias of AAV  
  • Why the field has accelerated so rapidly catalyzed CAR-T 
  • Solving the problem of high manufacturing costs 
  • AAV vs Lenti platforms pros and cons 
How industry, academia and patient organizations can work together to improve outcomes for patients. 
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