Takashi Kei Kishimoto | Chief Science Officer
Selecta Biosciences Inc

Takashi Kei Kishimoto, Chief Science Officer, Selecta Biosciences Inc

Dr. Kishimoto is the Chief Scientific Officer of Selecta Biosciences, a biotechnology company developing synthetic vaccines based on a novel self-assembling nanoparticle technology.  Prior to joining Selecta, Dr. Kishimoto was Vice President of Research at Momenta Pharmaceuticals where he led multidisciplinary teams in inflammation, oncology, and cardiovascular disease.  Previously he was Senior Director of Inflammation Research at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, where he provided the scientific leadership for four programs in clinical development, and an Associate Director of Immunology at Boehringer Ingelheim.  Dr. Kishimoto received his doctoral degree in Immunology from Harvard University and his post-doctoral training at Stanford University.


15th May Pre-Conference Workshops and Summits Day @ 09:40

Preclinical and clinical development of tolerogenic nanoparticles to mitigate immunogenicity against enzyme and gene therapies for orphan diseases

  • Immunogenicity is a common cause of treatment failure and hypersensitivity reactions with biologic therapies, particularly for enzyme therapies and gene therapies for orphan and rare diseases
  • We have developed technology to induce antigen-specific immune tolerance to biologic therapies
  • I will present case studies from our lead clinical program in severe refractory gout and preclinical program in gene therapy
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