Sue Mundy | Head Of Cord Blood Collection
Anthony Nolan

Sue Mundy, Head Of Cord Blood Collection, Anthony Nolan

Sue Mundy (nee Jackson) qualified as a midwife in 1983 and since then has held roles as a midwife clinician, manager, and researcher. Her most senior position was Head of Midwifery in two separate hospitals in England.  She remains a validated midwife eligible to practice.

After attaining a Masters in Business in 1996, Sue worked at the European Centre for Total Quality Management at the University of Bradford, England. In her role as a Senior Lecturer she was a founder member of the European Health Sector Working Group, a key function of the European Foundation for Quality Management Organisation based in Brussels.

From this platform, Sue developed academic and practical expertise in Total Quality Management and Operations Management, which she has applied in public, private and voluntary sector organisations.

November 2017, Sue joined Anthony Nolan as Interim Head of Cord Collection, where she is responsible for leading the Cord Collection Teams based in Manchester, Leicester and London. Her focus is on improving operations, including educating parents on the value of cord blood stem cells, and addressing issues around lack of ethnic diversity, in order to sustainably meet national targets for the number of Cord Blood Units banked, as part of a Department of Health programme designed to enable and advance the treatment of blood cancers via cord blood transplants


Conference Day 1: Thursday 16th May 2019 @ 17:30

Panel discussion: the operational challenges of cord blood collection and cryopreservation

  • Review of collection procedures
  • Best practices recommendations: modifying infrastructure and support
  • Methods to improve conversion rate
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