Roberto Gramignoli | Professor
Karolinska Institute

Roberto Gramignoli, Professor, Karolinska Institute

Roberto Gramignoli is specialized in Medical Genetics and has a PhD in Molecular and Translational Medicine. During his post-graduate studies at Univ. of Pittsburgh he identified and proposed new solutions for roadblocks limiting clinical Hepatocyte Transplantation. Due to the paucity of human hepatocytes, he investigated alternative sources, such as iPS and placental stem cells. Working with his Mentor, Dr Strom, they became the first group to get approval for isolation and clinical infusion of human hepatocytes and amnion epithelial (AE) stem cells. 
Over the past years, they have accumulated evidences on the potential of placental amnion epithelial (AE) stem cells in several models of congenital liver diseases and as supporting therapy in fulminant hepatic failure. Based on safety and efficacy, in addition to AE immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects, they are in the process to start a phase I/IIa clinical trial for liver disease without immunosuppression, and to create the first placenta stem cell bank.

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