Rob Royea | Chief Executive Officer
Cyrcadia Health Inc.

Rob Royea, Chief Executive Officer, Cyrcadia Health Inc.

Mr. Royea was awarded the Top 40 Healthcare Transformer honor by MM&M Magazine, and his leadership helped Cyrcadia to be awarded the Gold Edison Award for Top Wearable Device in Healthcare.  Mr. Royea is a senior operational, sales, and marketing executive with demonstrated success at creating and executing strategies necessary to grow sophisticated medical technology and software companies. Has proven visionary expertise in facilitating market expansion through merger, acquisition, strategic partnership, and corporate branding resulting in sustainable revenue and EBITDA gains.
Mr. Royea is now introducing a wearable early breast cancer detection technology designed to automatically alert the women’s physician and insurance provider to an early cancer indication, to improve dense tissue accuracy and to reduce unnecessary breast surgeries.


Precision 2018 Day 2 @ 17:30

Migrating Breast Health screening from imaging to metabolic detection via Wearable technology and Artificial Intelligence for the mass population

  • Hospital based breast cancer detection serves only a small percentage of the total population due to physician access or the woman’s lack of interest in being screened via mammographic interpretation
  • wearable technology that accurately detects breast cancer through tracking metabolic changes as a woman navigates through her normal daily routine
  • Dense tissue affects over 50% of the female population leading to an earlier onset of cancer and over 70% of biopsy’s occurring on non-cancerous tissue

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