Marcie Finney | Associate Director
Cleveland Cord Blood Center

Marcie Finney, Associate Director, Cleveland Cord Blood Center

Marcie Finney has dedicated her professional career to the study and adoption of cord blood in clinical settings. Having joined CCBC more than a decade ago, Marcie has served in numerous capacities, including in educating medical personnel on the collection and utility of cord blood and information sharing with families and child birth experts. Now as Executive Director, Marcie is a sought after expert speaker and presenter on the benefits and opportunities for cord blood usage as well as on a variety of cellular therapy industry issues. Marcie leads the strategic direction of the organization and manages the administrative and business development aspects of CCBC. She is dedicated to the fiscal stability of CCBC, and to supporting the ever growing expansion of uses of cord blood in patient treatment and clinical research. 

Prior to her current role, Marcie supported cellular therapy research at Case Western Reserve. She has her BS and MS in Chemistry from Slippery Rock University and Case Western, respectively, and an MBA from Case Western. She has published numerous scientific articles. Marcie lives in Cleveland, OH.


15th May Pre-Conference Workshops and Summits Day @ 16:30

Operational, strategic and economic impact of FDA licensure for HPC, cord blood

  • Operational impact of FDA Licensure experience that facilitated process improvement, facility design and manufacturing productivity.
  • FDA license economic impact on cost per cord blood unit, price per unit, capital and re-curing expenses
  • Strategically leveraging FDA license to enter new markets and optimize manufacturing
last published: 14/May/19 13:35 GMT

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