Jeffrey L Kutok | Chief Scientific Officer
Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Jeffrey L Kutok, Chief Scientific Officer, Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Jeffery Kutok, M.D., Ph.D. serves as Infinity’s Chief Scientific Officer. Prior to joining Infinity in 2010, Dr. Kutok was an associate professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. His laboratory focused on translational medicine research and biomarker identification in cancer, and he is an author on over 190 journal articles, reviews and book chapters. Dr. Kutok is board certified in Anatomic Pathology and Hematology and had clinical duties in Hematopathology and Molecular Diagnostics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Dr. Kutok received his B.S. in biology and his M.D., Ph.D. in medicine and molecular pathology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. His Ph.D. was earned working in the laboratory of Dr. Barry Coller, M.D. in the field of platelet pathobiology. He was also a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University in the laboratory of Dr. Gary Gilliland, M.D., Ph.D.


Conference Day 2: Friday 17th May 2019 @ 10:00

Keynote panel: Innovations in cellular and combination immunotherapy: current learnings, challenges and future applications

· Using the immune system to identify and fight cancer cells: where are we and what do we need to maximise patient benefit in the future?· Improving cellular immunotherapy success by using genetic biomarkers to create precision medicines and improve success rates· Where are we with combination immunotherapy, what needs to be done to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the future. · Moving from oncology to non-oncology applications, how can we make the shift to new therapy indications· Preventing relapse and resistance
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