Janet Glassford | Quality Assessor

Janet Glassford, Quality Assessor, MHRA

Janet Glassford is a Senior Quality Assessor at the MHRA and an EMA expert with a special interest in ATMPS. Her role includes the assessment of ATMP marketing authorisations as Rapporteur, as well as the provision of EMA and MHRA scientific advice and answers to innovation office queries. Since joining the Agency in 2010, she has assessed a wide range of biological products, including numerous ATMPs (encompassing gene therapies, somatic cell therapy medicinal products and tissue engineered products).

Prior to becoming a regulator, she gained more than 25 years laboratory-based experience. After gaining a degree in Biochemistry from King’s College London, including 1 year  in the lab at Glaxo Group Research, she gained a PhD in molecular endocrinology from Cambridge University (based at the Babraham Institute). She then carried out post-doctoral research at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and at Cancer Research UK laboratories at Imperial College London, prior to becoming a senior academic fellow at University College London. Her research interests and publications centred on the cell biology of haematological malignancies. During this time she gained substantial hands-on experience of a wide variety of molecular and cell biological techniques relevant to ATMPs.


Conference Day 2: Friday 17th May 2019 @ 11:00

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