Dr Glyn Stacey | Executive Director
International Stem Cell Banking Initiative

Dr Glyn Stacey, Executive Director, International Stem Cell Banking Initiative

Glyn has a background in microbiology and cancer research. He has also worked on the development of cell substrates for manufacture of biological medicines. He is currently leads the UK Stem Cell Bank at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control at South Mimms, UK. The work of his group covers safety and quality issues in cell therapy, cells used for manufacturing purposes, development of novel cell-based assays and the development of genetic reference materials for tissue typing and diagnosis of genetic disorders. This work includes the need for scale up of preservation techniques and long term storage of DNA and cell lines of various types including human stem cell lines and cells used in bioassays and vaccine production. Glyn is rapporteur for the WHO Cell Substrates Study Group. He has also been a PI for a number of EC funded consortia working on suitability and standardisation of stem cell lines for toxicology and drug discovery, is a PI on the EBiSC European iPSC bank project and is chair of the scientific advisory board for the Safety and Efficacy Hub of the UK Regenerative medicine Platform. Glyn also serves on a number of other Advisory Boards for other EC funded consortia. Glyn has been a member of the UK Department of Health standing advisory committee for the Safety of Blood Tissues and Organs (SaBTO) and was a lead author for SaBTO guidance on safety of donor selection for cell therapy. Since 2007 Glyn has also led the International Stem Cell Banking Initiative on human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) banking which has published international consensus on handling and testing requirements for hPSC lines for research and clinical use.

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