Felicia Pagliuca | Co-Founder And Vice President Cell Biology Research And Development
Semma Therapeutics

Felicia Pagliuca, Co-Founder And Vice President Cell Biology Research And Development, Semma Therapeutics

Dr. Pagliuca is scientific co-founder of Semma Therapeutics and serves as Vice President of Cell Biology R&D, where she is responsible for its cell therapy product development.  She leads Semma’s cell-focused R&D teams, and plays a key role in manufacturing, preclinical, and regulatory strategies.   Dr. Pagliuca has also worked closely with Semma’s CEO on corporate development activities, including partnerships and fundraising (>$150 million raised to date).  Previously, Dr. Pagliuca worked with Professor Douglas Melton of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute on the discovery of how to generate stem cell derived pancreatic beta cells.  Dr. Pagliuca received a B.S. from Duke University and a Ph.D. from Cambridge University where she was a Marshall Scholar.

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