Fabien Moncaubeig | Chief Operating Officer
TreeFrog Therapeutics

Fabien Moncaubeig, Chief Operating Officer, TreeFrog Therapeutics

Fabien is an expert in bioprocess industrialization with a strong focus on the field of cell and gene therapy. After a decade of experience in the CDO (contract development organisation) business unit of Artelis, ATMI and PALL where he lead application specialists and process development departments across EU and US, Fabien started in 2016 to collaborate, as a freelance, with start-up and SME. In this new role, he offers to contribute in the elaboration of adequate process design and manufacturing strategies to be in accordance with the specific clinical development and corporate constraints. Through his experience, Fabien led a wide variety of projects in Europe and in the US to optimize and scale-up manufacturing processes of stem cells, viral vectors and vaccines. With his teams, he has overseen production processes of multiple stem and adult cell types (MSC, iPSC, Hepatocytes, Hematopoietic stem cells) as well as viral vectors (AAV, Adenoviruses and Lentiviruses). Fabien is now working as interim COO at TreeFrog Therapeutics where he takes part to the industrialization of their end to end manufacturing solution using their encapsulation platform C-STEM™.


On-Floor Seminar: Thursday 16th May @ 14:00

A new 3D cell culture platform (encapsulation) led to unprecedented population doubling (> x100/passage) while improving genetic stability and cell differentiation (functional neurons)

  • C-Stem™ encapsulation, cultivation and formulation platform enabled:
  • Pluripotent Stem Cell amplification factor of >100 x per passage
  • Improved iPSC genetic stability after high number of doubling
  • Dramatic improvement of neuron functionalization demonstrated on animal model
  • Scalable differentiation of iPSC into numerous cell/tissue type (cardiomyocytes, chondrocytes, gut crypt)
last published: 21/Mar/19 09:25 GMT

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