Enrico Ferrero | Scientific Leader, Computational Biology

Enrico Ferrero, Scientific Leader, Computational Biology, GSK

After completing a BSc in Biotechnology and a MSc in Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Torino, Enrico started his PhD in Genetics and Systems Biology at the University of Cambridge. Here, he applied experimental and computational genomics approaches to study the role and the functional interactions of Sox transcription factors during the central nervous system development of the fruit fly. At GSK, Enrico works as a data scientist in the Computational Biology and Stats group within Target Sciences. He works across the Respiratory and Immuno-Inflammation therapeutic areas focusing on the application of data mining, machine learning and other computational biology approaches to the areas of epigenomics, regulatory genomics and transcriptomics.


AI in Healthcare 2018 Day One @ 17:40

In silico prediction of novel therapeutic targets using gene – disease association data

  • Many target identification programmes that fail for efficacy reasons showing poor association between the drug target and the disease
  • We used a semi-supervised classification approach to explore whether gene – disease association data from the Open Targets platform is sufficient to predict therapeutic targets that are actively being pursued by pharmaceutical companies or are already on the marke.
  • We show that a neural network is able to predict therapeutic targets with over 70% accuracy demonstrating that disease association is predictive of the ability of a gene or a protein to work as a drug target

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