Dmitrii Ivolgin | Medical Director
Stem Cells Bank Pokrovski

Dmitrii Ivolgin, Medical Director, Stem Cells Bank Pokrovski

Dr. Dmitry Ivolgin, Medicine Doctor (Ph.D. - medicine), The Head of North-Western State Medical University Scientific Research Laboratory of Cell Technologies, Medical Director and The Head of the Cells processing and cryopreservation Facility of Pokrovskii Stem cell bank, Assistant Professor of the Department of Transfusion Medicine of North-Western State Medical University. Dr. Ivolgin is specialist in transfusion medicine, haematology, health management. Medicine Doctor’s degree (PhD) at Russian Institute of Haematology and Transfusiology. Now Dr. Dmitry Ivolgin’s research activities focused on an application (mainly non-haematological) of different types (including perinatal ) of stem cell  in the field of regenerative medicine.

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