Chaim Lebovits | Chief Executive Officer
Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc

Chaim Lebovits, Chief Executive Officer, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc

Mr. Lebovits joined Brainstorm in July 2007 as President and has been involved with its activities from early pre-clinical stage to the current Phase IIb clinical trials in the United States, and has taken a monumental part in its huge growth and development.

Since September 2015, Mr. Lebovits also serves as the CEO of the company on a permanent basis (previously, he served as Principal Executive Officer of Brainstorm from 2013 through 2014, on an interim basis). His extensive knowledge of the company and its activities as well as his vast business skills, experience and vision are instrumental to Brainstorm in its current stage of growth and beyond.

Mr. Lebovits controls ACC BioTech, which is focused on biotechnology. Additionally, he is involved in natural resources exploration projects around the world and has held senior positions in public and private companies in this field. Mr. Lebovits has also held senior positions for the worldwide Chabad Lubavitch organization, the largest Jewish organization in the world today and is a prominent figure in his community.


Conference Day 1: Thursday 16th May 2019 @ 12:10

Technology and Strategy Roundtables

25 senior level tables hosted by thought leaders on key challenges and opportunities in next-generation therapeutic development. Participants are invited to join the group discussions on a topic of importance to them.

· At each roundtable, the moderator will talk for 5 minutes to introduce the topic highlighting particular challenges specific to that area· The table will then move on to discussion for 25 minutes.· There will then be one rotation, giving participants the opportunity to have join two round tables in total

(2 x 30-minute rotations and max 15 PAX)

Table 4. Stem cells for neurological applications

Conference Day 1: Thursday 16th May 2019 @ 14:35

Panel discussion: Clinical development of next generation cellular therapeutics

  • Clinical updates and discussion
last published: 14/May/19 13:35 GMT

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