Time Matters


time:matters is specialized in worldwide customized transportation of urgent and sensitive commodities like cells and tissues for Cell & Gene Therapy in commercial state or clinical development. We provide a unique White Glove Airfreight Service being the handling partner for several airlines, maintaining access to your shipments even beyond airport gates and ensuring special requirements like do not x-ray & upright loading first-hand. Besides that, the handling times at the airports is kept to minimum during transit and during import and export, this way reducing the overall lead time to only few hours in Europe. We offer a same day service between Europe and USA, connecting west coast of USA with Europe within 24 h. This way our customers can profit from faster availability of the starting material in the manufacturing facility and speed up their entire supply chain. Additionally, we offer different packaging solutions for temperature-controlled transports from cryo-preserved up until 37°C including return logistics of used equipment. Please check for more information: https://www.time-matters.com/industries/cold-chain-and-biological-sample-logistics/cell-and-gene-therapy-personalized-medicine/

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