Origen Biomedical


OriGen Biomedical designs, manufactures, and distributes a complete line of products for use in Regenerative Medicine applications including T-Cell therapies and immunotherapies. Our products are FDA-cleared, MDSAP-certified, CE-marked, cGMP-manufactured, and ISO 13485:2016 certified. 
The PermaLife Cell Culture Bag is an optimal way to protect critical cell cultures.  PermaLife has a user inspired design including a sterile, needle-free, luer-actuated adapter which is self-sealing to make it easy to sample, feed and harvest sensitive cells. The PermaLife is also gas permeable and water impermeable which eliminates the need for a humidified incubator. 
The CryoStore™ Freezing Bag is the industry-preferred cryogenic freezing bag. The CryoStore™ Bag is available in a variety of configurations including a number of tubing and multi-bag options, allowing you to select the product that best fits your process. Recently, OriGen has received FDA clearance for the CryoStore™ Multi-Chamber Freezing Bag which allows for cryopreservation of small volume blood components for future regenerative medicine applications.
OriGen is known for its custom product development process where OriGen can adapt its products to better fit laboratories’ protocols, not force labs to change protocols to match OriGen’s products.  Visit www.OriGen.com for more information.

The World Advanced Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Congress and Exhibition is an international conference and exhibition featuring the latest in advanced therapies, bioengineering and surrounding technology. To attend the conference which features global leaders in the biopharma and regenerative medicine industries, there is a registration fee. The exhibition is free to visit.

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