Euroclone Spa


Advanced Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine isolator
IsoCell PRO as a real alternative to the classic clean room
Euroclone is an Italian Company manufacturing contamination control equipment since the early 70s.
Among those products, Advanced Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine isolator, IsocellPro, constitutes our flagship and most sophisticated achievement in this kind of applications.
EuroClone, with its ISOCell PRO Cell Therapy Isolator, can be the answer to your needs by providing a streamlined workflow environment reducing the set up and running costs of cell therapy products preparation!
Simplicity of the ISO 5 location and easy gowning for most applications since isolator systems dedicated to cell production may be located in a non-classified room with restricted access;
Security with validated sterility of the working area and cross-protection of product/operator/environment.
Traceability for all the steps of the sterile handling process.
The initial sterility is provided by a dedicated H2O2 vapor program to bio-decontaminate the work area and the material access area.

The sterility is maintained with the positive pressure of HEPA-filtered air.

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