Biological Industries


Founded in 1981, Biological Industries specializes in the development, manufacture, and distribution of IVD and research products for cell culture, focusing today on stem cell systems and media for cell therapy.
BI offers a full range of xeno-free stem cell products and services, which includes stem cell culture media, freezing media, attachment factors, and cell dissociation solutions.
BI products include: the NutristemĀ® range of cell media (for mesenchymal, induced pluripotent, and embryonic stem cells), and BIOTARGETTM (for T cells), all serum-free, xeno-free media for research and clinical applications, helping to advance stem-cell-based therapies.
We are committed to a Culture of Excellence through our advanced manufacturing and quality-control systems, superior regulatory expertise, and extensive technical customer support, training, and R&D capabilities. Ā 

The World Advanced Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Congress and Exhibition is an international conference and exhibition featuring the latest in advanced therapies, bioengineering and surrounding technology. To attend the conference which features global leaders in the biopharma and regenerative medicine industries, there is a registration fee. The exhibition is free to visit.

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