Bio-Techne is the new trade name that brings together our trusted global brands. These brands and product lines are some of the most referenced in the life science industry and include R&D Systems, Novus Biologicals, Tocris Bioscience, and ProteinSimple. We have brought these brands together as Bio-Techne to be a stronger scientific partner to help you attain your research goals. 

We offer the widest selection of high-quality reagents and instruments for the life science and diagnostic markets. Our new name represents our mission – to provide the life science community with innovative high-quality scientific tools to better understand biological processes and drive discovery.

Our vast product range includes: 
Bioactive proteins – R&D Systems proteins are the industry’s premiere bioactive proteins, performance guaranteed and the most cited in the literature. A selection of the same high purity proteins are also available as GMP-grade, animal free or new ProDot lyophilised balls for easy preparation of cell culture medium.
Application-qualified Antibodies – a diverse and extensive analyte selection from Novus and R&D Systems, which covers 18,570 human gene products, as well as murine and multiple other species
Quantikine ELISA kits – legendary reproducibility and unrivalled reputation have made our ELISAs the gold standard
Luminex assays – the largest multiplex selection available, simultaneously analysing up to 100 analytes
Proteome Profiler Arrays – an easy to use, cost effective screening tool, with over 25 arrays to choose from
Small molecule activators and inhibitors – a unique collection of over 3,500 compounds, everything from the latest exclusively licensed research tools to establish biochemical standards.

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