AMSBIO is a global supplier of innovative and regulatory friendly products for cell and gene therapy. The portfolio includes stem cells, CRISPR tools and edited cell lines, reprogramming agents, synthetic IVT mRNA and the CELLBANKER® series of GMP cryopreservation media.
STEM-CELLBANKER® is a chemically defined, xeno-free freezing medium manufactured in compliance with JPN, EU, US, and PIC/S GMP guidelines. Optimized for stem cells and iPS cells storage. Over 80% of the current Japanese market have chosen CELLBANKER® for cell cryopreservation. 
We are introducing the clinical grade formulation of StemFit® - a xeno-free stem cell culture media.  StemFit® supports single-cell passaging, gene editing, and reprogramming applications, combining the industry’s highest colony formation efficiency with reduced media consumption. Already well established in Japanese INDs and clinical trials, please drop by and ask us how it can help your program.
iMatrix Laminin 511 is becoming the choice of substrate for use with stem cells and provides huge benefits when used in single cell cloning protocols.
Custom services include the cloning and packaging of high titre AAV and lentivirus and production of stable cell lines.
AMSBIO carries the industry’s largest selection of recombinant ECMs, GMP xeno-free culture media which provide unrivalled productivity and ease of regulatory adoption.

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