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Making medicine personal. Bringing together big pharma, big data and healthcare providers.

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Speakers include:

Aarno Palotie, Group Leader, Massachusetts General Hospital

Adam Platt, VP, Head of R&I Precision Medicine and Global Genomics Portfolio, AstraZeneca

Alain Thierry, Research Director, INSERM 

Alastair Kent, Ambassador, Genetic Alliance UK 

Ana Alfirevic, Reader in Pharmacology, University of Liverpool

Ansar Jawaid, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Precision Medicines 

Anthony Whetton, Director, Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre, University of Manchester 

Catrin Middleton, Senior Research and Clinical Patient Involvement Manager, Cancer Research UK

Cecilia Lindskog Bergstrom, Site Director, Human Protein Atlas, Uppsala University

Charles Cox, Head of Pharmacogenetics, GSK

Christophe Le Tourneau, Head of Phase I programme & Co-head of the Clinical Trial Unit, Institut Curie 

Clare Turnbull, Clinical Lead for Cancer Genomics, 100,000 Genomes Project, Institute of Cancer Research 

David Fenstermacher, Vice President, R&D Bioinformatics, MedImmune

David Pearce, Executive Vice President of Innovation and Research, Stanford Health

David Smith, Professor, Mayo Clinic       

Dipak Kalra, President, The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data 

Enrico Heffler, Assistant Professor in Respiratory Medicine; Personalised Medicine, Asthma & Allergy Unit, Humanitas University (Milan, Italy) 

Evangelos Kiskinis, Director Stem Cell Core Facility, Co-Director, Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine

Gil Alterovitz, Director, Biomedical Cybernetics Laboratory Computational Health Informatics Program, Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital 

Hakim Yadi, CEO, NHSA

Helena Kilpinen, GOS Institute of Child Health, UCL  

Jacqui Shaw, Professor of Translational Cancer, University of Leicester 

Jane Dunnage, Patient and Public Involvement Lead, Lupus UK

Janette Rawlinson, Lay Member, CRUK Stratified Medicine Programme 

Jay Goth, Managing Member, Forentis Fund 

Jean-Louis Mandel, Professor of Human Genetics, College de France, University of Strasbourg 

Jeffrey Barrett, Vice-President, Translational Informatics, Sanofi Pharmaceuticals

Jeff Skopek, Lecturer in Medical Law, Ethics, and Policy, University of Cambridge

Joanne Hackett, Chief Commercial Officer, Genomics England

Joni Rutter, Director of Scientific Programs, National Institutes of Health

Juergen Eils, Head of Data Management and Genomics IT, German Cancer Research Center

Julia Wilson, Associate Director, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute 

Julien De Salaberry, Managing Director, The Asia HealthTech Connector 

Kári Stefánsson, President, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, deCODE Genetics

Kath Mackay, Head of Precision and Discovery Medicine, Innovate UK

Karen Harrison, Support Services Manager, ADL Life

Karina Bienfait, Principal Scientist and Head, Global Genomics Policy, Process and Compliance, MSD

Lizzie Tuckey, Director of Clinical Strategy, Bupa

Maria Chatzou, Research Bioinformatics Engineer & President, Innovation Forum Barcelona Centre for Genomic Regulation 

Marie-Claire Parker, Business Development Manager, Scottish Stratified Innovation Medical Center 

Mark Watson, Head of Programmes, Clinical Research Development Ireland; Investigator, CÚRAM, The SFI Centre for Research in Medical Devices

Mathew Woodwark, Director of Research Bioinformatics, MedImmune

Matthieu-P. Schapranow, Programme Manager E-Health & Life Sciences, Hasso Plattner Institute

Melpomeni Kalofonou, Postdoctoral Researcher (Cancer Technology Lead), Imperial College London 

Michael Kiebish, Chief Precision Medicine Officer, Berg Health

Nancy Krunic, Global Head, Future Precision Medicine, Novartis

Nikole Kimes, Co-Founder and Vice President, Siolta Therapeutics 

Noel Burtt, Program Manager, Broad Institute

Patrick Keenan, Managing Director, Prevail Partners

Pantelis Georgiou, Reader in Biomedical Electronics, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London 

Paul P. Tak, Senior Vice President of Research & Development Pipeline, Chief Immunology Officer, GlaxoSmithKline 

Pedro Ballester, Group Leader, INSERM

Pierre Meulien, Executive Director, Innovative Medicines Initiative

Representative, Scottish Stratified Innovation Medical Center 

Ricardo Sabatini, Co-founder, Chief Data Officer, Orionis Biosciences

Rob Royea, CEO, Cyrcadia Health

Rosemary Barber, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Public Health, University of Sheffield

Sally John, VP Genomics and Computational Biology, Biogen

Sandosh Padmanabhan, Professor of Cardiovascular Genomics and Therapeutics, University of Glasgow

Scott Robinson, Chief Science Officer, Microquin

Seshadri Vasan, Honorary Visiting Professor of Health Sciences, University of York, Senior Business Development Manager, Public Health England 

Shrikant Mane, Executive Director of Center for Genome Analysis, Yale School of Medicine 

Steven Deitcher, Co-Founder, President and CEO, Medeor Therapeutics

Stephen Thomas, Patient Involvement Coach, Cancer Research UK

Sudhakaran Prabakaran, Lecturer, Department of Genetics, Cambridge University 

Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer, NHS

Thomas Hach, Director Healthcare Systems, Novartis International AG

Thomas Kaier, British Heart Foundation Research Fellow, Specialist Registrar in Cardiology, King’s College London

Tony Freemont, Professor of Osteoarticular Pathology, Manchester University 

Vivienne Parry, Head of Engagement, Genomics England

Wildon Farwell, Senior Medical Director, Clinical Development, Biogen




World Advanced Therapies & Regenerative Medicine Congress 16–18 May 2018, London, UK

Co-located with: World Precision Medicine Congress 2018

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