Batavia Biosciences

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Batavia Biosciences accelerates the transition of biopharmaceutical product candidates from bench to clinic 

Batavia Biosciences is a contract biopharmaceutical development organization, experienced in non-generic projects in developing biopharmaceutical products and innovative bioprocesses. Our strengths include viral vector and protein expression vector construction, generation of virus seed stocks, mammalian cell line and microbial strain generation, transient and stable protein production, upstream and downstream process development, medium development, assay development, product characterization and clinical manufacturing.

In addition, the company employs a highly educated staff with many years of experience able to take on any challenge associated with the development of complex biological medicines like proteins, antibodies, vaccines and viral vectors.

Unique technologies like the STEP® expression platform and SCOUT® scaled down analysis technology can be leveraged to accelerate clone selection and development projects. These technologies have amply demonstrated to improve timelines and success rate in biopharmaceutical development, accelerating the journey from bench to clinic.

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