With a combined 200+ speakers, 600+ attendees and hundreds of companies in attendance, the World Veterinary Vaccine Congress will continue to bring experts from the global animal health industry to discuss scientific, regulatory and commercial issues affecting the veterinary biologics sector.




Vaccine Technology

Hear about the progression made in veterinary vaccine R&D and how to overcome vaccine development challenges when developing vaccines against viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases within a variety of animal species

Bioprocessing, Delivery & Manufacturing

Optimize early formulation through to clinical manufacturing, by embracing new techniques and technologies

Emerging & Re-Emerging Diseases

Expect the unexpected, explore the opportunities and challenges associated with emerging infectious diseases including African swine fever, influenza, PRRS and Rift Valley Fever


Hear from regulators who can advise you on what they are looking for when assessing new platforms for registration

Funding & Investment for Animal Health

Hear an overview of the current animal health investment landscape; Where are the gaps? Discover how partnering with human health can help to drive innovation

One health

It is imperative for synergy between human and animal health to combat emerging zoonotic & transboundary diseases. Discover how we can Improve knowledge sharing & collaboration with regards to technology, adjuvants & clinical models

Antimicrobial Resistance

Find out the role of vaccines in combating antimicrobial resistance and how the industry is working together to find alternative to antibiotics


Precision Medicine Approaches for Animal Health

How are techniques that originated in human health now being incorporated into animal health? Hear updates on veterinary applications of gene editing, stem cells, cancer vaccines & immunotherapies



Excellent mix of basic, applied and translational vaccinology with good high level industry representation

Professor, University of South Australia




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