Thomas Keller | Sr. Director and GSK Fellow

Thomas Keller, Sr. Director and GSK Fellow, GSK

Experienced senior global enterprise leader with more than 15 years of specialising in delivering breakthrough platforms efficiently and effectively in pre-clinical and clinical pharmaceutical R&D. Some selected highlights are

  • Established a compelling vision (cheaper, faster, and greener) for Synthetic Biochemistry and developed strong relationships and networks across the organization which pulled people together towards common deliverables. The proposal was supported and received sufficient resources to establish the effort.
  • Thomas was part of a team enabling the GSK R&D digital clinical trial strategy, where he had the role of shaping the R&D approach to clinical sensor applications and support framing the opportunity provided by such devices to explore novel time-series physiological parameters with clinicians and statisticians through hypotheses testing. Set the business strategic direction in wearable device and time series analytics over a +5 years period. Formed and agreed strategic partnerships with Respiratory, Immuno-Inflammation and clinical platforms which secured alignment of our efforts with the discovery goals of differentiation of medicine. As a result, a total of 2000 subjects have been fitted a wearable device with associate analytics prior scalable of the concept in the clinical platform group.
  • In his current role, as group leader of predictive medicine within the Platform Technology and Science division, he established a data science team with a focus on computer vision / image analysis and digitization of biology. Some success in utilizing advanced computer vision algorithms as well as partnering with external AI companies in drug discovery have led to an impact and more focus on specific subject matters.


AI in Healthcare 2018 Day One @ 17:00

Digitised biology and image analysis augment drug discovery

  • What does it mean to ‘see’ for a machine?
  • Impact of AI in image and video analysis for pharmaceutical industry
  • Our work in image analysis is currently focusing on a range of enabling topics in computer vision, image processing and pattern recognition with the goal of automation

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