Katy Rezvani | Director of Translational Research
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Katy Rezvani, Director of Translational Research, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Rezvani is Professor of Medicine, Chief of Section of Cellular Therapy and Medical Director of the MD Anderson GMP and Cell Therapy Laboratory in the Department of Stem Cell Transplant and Cellular Therapy, MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Rezvani has an active research laboratory program in transplantation immunology where the focus of her research group is to study the role of natural killer cells (NK) cells in mediating immunity against leukemia, and to understand the mechanisms of tumor-induced NK cell dysfunction. The goal of these studies is to develop strategies to enhance the activity of cord blood derived natural killer cells against tumors by genetically engineering the cells to enhance their in vivo antileukemic activity and persistence. Her laboratory program in transplant immunology has led to the approval and funding of a number of Phase I/II studies of immunotherapy in patients with leukemia and lymphoma.

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