Jeffrey Schaffer | Director of Veterinary Professional Services
Vet Stem Inc

Jeffrey Schaffer, Director of Veterinary Professional Services, Vet Stem Inc

Dr. Jeffrey Schaffer, has worked over 20 years in Vet and Human biologics including last two years at VetStem Biopharma. Worked in the human field of umbilical cord blood regarding the collection, process and storage of the units with both public or private banks and organizations. For over 15 years worked in the veterinary regenerative medicine field including Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Therapy, PRP. Dr. Schaffer obtained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Perugia in Italy. He has practiced veterinary medicine at Nassau-Suffolk Vet Hospital, several emergency veterinary hospitals and animal shelters. He also has worked as an adjunct professor in medical and biological subjects at numerous colleges and universities in New York. He is the author of a range of published studies and he has established relationships with opinion leaders in medical, veterinary research and clinical practice. Dr. Schaffer worked many years at Pall Life Science as the Director of Animal Health and was instrumental in creating the Filtration device/kit for Platelet therapy to the Vet and Human community. Presently Dr. Schaffer is the Director of the Veterinary Professional Services at VetStem Biopharma responsible for all technical activities, scientific, education and outreach efforts within the Veterinary community within both the large and small animal companion arenas.

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