Hakam Al-Nakib | Partner
Deep Knowledge Ventures

Hakam Al-Nakib, Partner, Deep Knowledge Ventures

Hazem Danny Al Nakib is Partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures and Deep Knowledge Life Sciences, the founder of several accelerators and incubators, an advisor to multiple public and private entities including Securrency, The Agency and ICUBE at the University of Toronto and various others, where he focuses on the changing financial and regulatory systems, the growth and commercialization of exponential technologies, as well as the global distribution of and access to finance, alternative finance and advanced technologies. 


Ai in Healthcare 2018 Day Two @ 15:00

Panel discussion: Regulations in AI

  • How are we going to regulate AI for both healthcare and pharma?
  • Patient data and cyber security - should we be afraid of hacking?
  • Who should regulate this?

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