Ed Addison | Chief Executive Officer
Cloud Pharmaceuticals

Ed Addison, Chief Executive Officer, Cloud Pharmaceuticals

Ed Addison co-founded Cloud Pharmaceuticals in 2009, where he is CEO and Chairman. Addison is a serial entrepreneur who founded three previous ventures, two of which successfully merged with public companies.  He has a unique and strong blend of in-depth business and technical experience in biotechnology and bioinformatics and in information technology and AI. Ed holds an MS in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and MBA from Duke University Fuqua School of Business, including a diploma in Duke’s Health Sector Management Program.


Ai in Healthcare 2018 Day Two @ 17:00

Value of AI in Drug Discovery

  • Machine learning for better tox prediction, pk prediction, enhancing binding preditction, reducing computational burden and assisting with target validation
  • Heuristic search of “molecular space”
  • Expert system for modelling medicinal chemistry thinking
  • Smart literature search for novel targets

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