Dr Bissan Al Lazikani | Head of Data Science
Institute of Cancer Research

Dr Bissan Al Lazikani, Head of Data Science, Institute of Cancer Research

Bissan Al-Lazikani trained in computational biology and computer science. She leads computational biology and chemogenomics at the Institute of Cancer Research’s leading Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit. She led the development of integrative computational approaches to inform drug discovery that are now internationally adopted and provided to the community via the canSAR knowledgebase. She is Head of Data Science at the ICR where she is applying data science technologies to clinical data for optimising and adapting cancer therapy.


AI in Healthcare 2018 Day One @ 09:05

Opening remarks from the chair

AI in Healthcare 2018 Day One @ 14:40

Integrative big data for drug discovery

  • Innovation in drug discovery is becoming increasingly challenging requiring comprehensive objective decision making
  • Cancer therapy is becoming increasingly complex with drug resistance and tumor heterogeneity and tumor evolution
  • We have developed integrative data and machine learning / AI approaches to address some key bottle necks in drug discovery and adaptive cancer therapy

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