Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine Speakers

Aarno Palotie   , Group Leader,    Massachusetts General Hospital

Aaron Black   , Director of Informatics,    Inova

Alain Thierry   , Research Director,    INSERM 

Alastair Kent  , Ambassador,  Genetic Alliance UK 

Ana Alfirevic  , Reader in Pharmacology,  University of Liverpool

Ansar Jawaid   , Founder and Chief Executive Officer,    Precision Medicines 

Anthony Whetton    , Director, Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre,    University of Manchester 

Brad Perkins    , Chief Medical Officer,    Human Longevity

Cecilia Lindskog Bergstrom    , Site Director, Human Protein Atlas,    Uppsala University

Charles Cox   , Head of Pharmacogenetics,   GSK

Christophe Le Tourneau    , Head of Phase I programme & Co-head of the Clinical Trial Unit,    Institut Curie 

Clare Turnbull,    Senior Researcher in Cancer Genomics,    Institute of Cancer Research  

David Pearce    , President,    Sanford Health

David Smith    , Professor,    Mayo Clinic           

David Fenstermacher   , Vice President, R&D Bioinformatics,   MedImmune

Dipak Kalra    , President,    EuroRec 

Enrico Heffler  , Assistant Professor in Respiratory Medicine; Personalised Medicine, Asthma & Allergy Unit,  Humanitas University (Milan, Italy) 

Evangelos Kiskinis  , Director Stem Cell Core Facility, Co-Director, Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Northwestern University,  Feinberg School of Medicine

Gil Alterovitz,    Assistant Professor,    Harvard/MIT  

Hakim Yadi , CEO,  NHSA

Helena Kilpinen  , Principal Investigator, Genetics and Genomic Medicine Programme,  UCL 

Jacqui Shaw    , Professor of Translational Cancer,    University of Leicester 

Jan Kuentzer    , Head of Data Science Application Services,    Roche

Jane Dunnage    , Patient and Public Involvement Lead,    Lupus UK

Janette Rawlinson    , Lay Member,    CRUK Stratified Medicine Programme 

Jay Goth    , Managing Member,    Forentis Fund 

Jean-Louis Mandel    , Professor of Human Genetics, College de France,    University of Strasbourg 

Jeffrey Barrett    , Vice President of Interdisciplinary Pharmacometrics Program and Head of Translational Informatics,    Sanofi

Jeff Skopek    , Lecturer in Medical Law, Ethics, and Policy,    University of Cambridge

Joni Rutter , Director of Scientific Programs,  National Institutes of Health

Juergin Eils    , Group Leader,    German Cancer Research Centre 

Julia Wilson    , Associate Director,    Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute 

Julien De Salaberry    , Managing Director,    The Asia HealthTech Connector 

Karen Harrison    , Support Services Manager,    ADL Life

Karina Bienfair  , Head, Global Genomics Policy, Process and Compliance,    MSD (Merck Research Laboratories)

Katherine Payne, Professor of Health Economics, Manchester Centre for Health Economics, The University of Manchester

Lizzie Tuckey , Director of Clinical Strategy,  Bupa

Louis Fiore    , C.S.P. Director of Bioinformatics,    Department of Veterans Association

Maria Chatzou    , Research Bioinformatics Engineer & President,    Innovation Forum Barcelona Centre for Genomic Regulation  
Marie-Claire Parker    , Business Development Manager,    Scottish Stratified Innovation Medical Center 

Mark Watson  , Head of Programmes, Molecular Medicine Ireland, Investigator, CÚRAM,  The SFI Centre for Research in Medical Devices

Mathew Woodwark  , Director of Research Bioinformatics,  MedImmune

Matthieu-P. Schapranow  , Programme Manager E-Health & Life Sciences,  Hasso Plattner Institute

Melina Kalofonou    , Postdoctoral Researcher,    Imperial College London 

Michael Kiebish  , Chief Precision Medicine Officer,  Berg Health

Nancy Krunic , Global Head, Future Precision Medicine,  Novartis

Nikole Kimes , Co-Founder and Vice President,  Siolta Therapeutics 

Noel Burtt , Program Manager,  Broad Institute

Pantelis Grorgiou    , Senior Lecturer,    Imperial College London 

Paul-Peter Tak    , Senior Vice President of Research and Development Pipeline, Chief Immunology Officer,    GSK 

Pedro Ballester  , Group Leader,  INSERM

Pierre Meulien  , Executive Director,  Innovative Medicines Initiative

Representative  Scottish Stratified Innovation Medical Center 

Ricardo Sabatini   , Co-founder, Chief Data Officer,   Orionis Biosciences

Rob Royea  , CEO,  Cyrcadia Health

Ron Przygodzkiy    , Director, Genomic Medicine Implementation,    Department of Veterans Association

Rosemary Barber    , Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Public Health,    University of Sheffield 

Sally John   , VP Genomics and Computational Biology,   Biogen

Sandosh Padmanabhan , Professor of Cardiovascular Genomics and Therapeutics,  University of Glasgow

Scott Robinson   , CSO,   Microquin

Seshandri Vasan    , Senior Business Development Manager, University of York,    Public Health England          

Shrikant Mane    , Director of Center for Genome Analysis,    Yale School of Medicine

Stephen Deitcher    , Chief Executive Officer,    Medeor Therapeutics

Stephen Thomas    , Patient Involvement Coach,    Cancer Research UK

Sudhakaran Prabakaran  , Lecturer, Department of Genetics,    Cambridge University 

Sue Hill    , Chief Scientific Officer,    NHS

Thomas Hach   , Director Healthcare Systems,   Novartis International AG

Tom Kaier  , BHF Clinical Research Fellow, Department of Cardiology,  St Thomas’ Hospital

Tony Freemont  , Professor of Osteoarticular Pathology,    Manchester University 

Vivienne Parry , Head of Engagement,  Genomics England

Wildon Farwell  , Senior Medical Director, Clinical Development,  Biogen



**Full agenda to be unveiled on 1st December !** 


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